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Certification course on Product life cycle management Through Gate Process ENOVIA

Certification course on Product life cycle management Through Gate Process ENOVIA


Sipalin Nayak


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Course Name : Product Life Cycle Management Through Gate Process (ENOVIA)

Course Code :0-2-2

Course Description

Product lifcycle management, sometimes "Product Life Cycle Management", represents an all-encompassing vision for managing all data relating to the design, production, support and ultimate disposal of manufactured goods.

PLM concept were first introduced where safety and control have been extremely important, notably the aerospace, medical device, military and nuclear industries. These industries oriented the discipline of configuration management(CM), which evolved into electronic data management systems (EDMS), which then further evolved to production data mismanagement (PDM).

Over the last years, manufacturers of instrumentation, industrial machinery, consumer electronics, packaged good and other complex engineered products have discovered the benefits of PLM solutions and are adopting efficient PLM software in increasing numbers.

Course Objectives

To provides software solutions for every Segment in the
company from marketing to sales to engineering which will help in:
1. value creation process
2. creating unique consumer experience
With a single, easy-to-use interface based on 3D design, analysis, simulation and
intelligence software in a collaborative interactive environment.

Learning Outcomes

1. A Lean approach: Digitized Lean practices offer intuitive tools that leverage Lean methodologies to reduce or eliminate non-value-added work and ensure efficient processes.
2. Project management methodology: Quality methods are governed as projects with automated and event-driven tasks, change orders and actions, and a model-based enterprise approach for requirements and functions.
3. Risk-based thinking: As part of quality management risks are managed, controlled and synchronized with controlling tasks throughout all design, manufacturing and services processes. Fully embedded tools, such as FMEA and FTA, link directly to designs, product definitions and process flows. All quality decisions are based on risk thinking.
4. Complaints, deviations and non-conformance management: Customer complaints and non-conformance's are managed and directly linked to the product definitions, reusing past experiences either for efficient resolution or to enrich the know-how database.
5. Audits for compliance: A fully traced process — from idealization to go-to-market — with audit and inspections tools allows for continual and seamless compliance with regulations and internal requirements.

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Introduction to the 3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA
1. Compass Content
2. 3DSwym
3. 3DDrive
4. Native App
5. Widget App
Module 2
Collaborative Business Innovator (IFW)
1. Improved productivity with User Groups
2. Foster social innovation with 3DSwym
3. Share securely Confidential files with 3DDrive
Module 3
Collaborative Industry Innovator (CSV)
1. Enable PLM collaboration with 3DSpace
2. Bookmark workspace
3. Baseline Access to Content
4. Issue Management
5. Change Action
6. Collaborative Tasks
7. Route Management.
Module 4
Governance and Project Management (UXG)
1. ENOVIA Program and Project Management
2. Business and system administration
3. Product Life cycle Management (PLM)
4. Maximize supply chain collaboration

Session Plan

Session 1

Introduction to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform


Session 2

Introduction to Product Life cycle Management

Session 3

Introduction Project management methodology

Session 4

Navigation of the solutions available in your company or in the 3DS portfolio with ME, COMPANY & WORLD.

Session 5

How to delivers the real-time intelligence needed to monitor everything that matters to a business.

Session 6

How to Preview all 3D content, navigate and share with other members to review and collaborate.

Session 7

How to manage Visibility of Collaborative Space

Session 8

How to digitally connect all users in the value stream to promote innovation and operational excellence

Session 9

Navigation with the 3DCompass

Session 10

Navigation with the 3DCompass

Evaluation 1

Computer Based Test

Session 11

How to Improve productivity with User Groups

Session 12

How to collaborate with communities to share and innovate throughout with internal and external ecosystems

Session 13

How to securely store, manage and share their documents from any device on the cloud

Session 14

Introduction to Collaborative Industry Innovator (CSV)


Session 15

How to Enable PLM collaboration with 3DSpace

Session 16

Introduction to Bookmark Editor

Session 17

Benefits of Bookmark Editor

Session 18

How to Create Bookmark workspace

Session 19

Introduction to the ENOVIA Collaborative Lifecycle Management App


Session 20

How to manage Content Lifecycle

Evaluation 2

Computer Based Test

Session 20

Introduction to Conceptual Maturity States

Session 21

Access Role Description

Session 22

Introduction to Issue Management:

Session 23

How to use Change Action application

Session 24

How to use Route Management application

Session 25

How to use 3DMarkup application

Session 26

How to access the Compare widget

Session 27

How to access the Design Review App

Session 28

Introduction to Governance and Project Management (UXG)


Session 29

Approach for Implementing PLM

Session 30

Product management using Variant Management App

Evaluation 3

Computer Based Test

Session 31

How to Create a Project Structure:

Session 32

How to Add Dependencies to the Tasks

Session 33

How to Promote the Project

Session 34

How to Promote the Project

Session 35

How to Mass Update the Tasks:

Session 36

How to Create a Route for the Project Task

Session 37

How to Monitor the Project’s Status (View Projects Summary Report)

Evaluation 4

References Books :  Project Management and Smart Electrical Systems , By Dr. Ashish Ranjan Dash

References Videos :

Reference Document :

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Reference Study Material:

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