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Course Name : Adobe Tools and Illustrations

Code(Credit) : CUMC2378(0-2-2)

Course Objectives

  • This course includes the study of illustration as visual interpretation of words, concepts and ideas.
  • Students will learn basic software skills while developing drawing abilities in a digital environment.
  • Strategies for communicating content through pictorial narrative are also explored.

Learning Outcomes

  • After successfully completing the course, students will be able to do demonstrate working with color, shapes and objects.
  • Students can create professional documents with drawing and transforming objects.
  • Students can produce projects using drawing, painting techniques with illustrator.

Project List

  • Storyboarding.
  • Character Designing.
  • Matte Painting.
  • Digital Illustration for Film/Television.


  1. Fundamentals of Drawing(English, Barber Barrington).
  2. Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book Paperback – by Faulkner Andrew (Author), Chavez Conrad (Author).
  3. Adobe Illustrator CC For Dummies 1st Edition-by David Karlins.
  4. Adobe InDesign CC: by Stephen Laskevitch  (Author)
  5. Drawing Fundamental by Saban Kumar Maharana (Author)

Course Syllabus

Module I

Drawing Fundamental:

  • Basic perspective in drawing.
  • Basic element of light, Shadow and shading.
  • Working with colour theory.


Module II

Working with Software for Visual Imaging:

Adobe Photoshop:

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop.

  • Understanding the interface.
  • Understanding pixels and resolution.
  • Working with basic selections tools.
  • Getting started with layers.
  • Introduction to colour correction.
  • Creating special effects.
  • Saving with different file formats.

Module III

Adobe Illustrator:

  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator.
  • Using the shape and transform tools.
  • Introducing layers.
  • Working with layers
  • Using the drawing tools.
  • Adding and formatting text.


Module IV

Adobe Spark:

Session Plan

Session 1

Drawing Fundamental: Basic Perspective in Drawing, One Point Perspective, Two Point Perspective, Three Point Perspective



Video File: Basic Perspective in Drawing

Session 2

Basic Drawing Shape, Basic Element of Light, Shadow and Shading



Video File: Basic Element of Light, Shadow and Shading

Session 3

Working with Colour, Theory of Colours



Video File: Theory of Colours

Session 4

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop: Tools, Control Panels, Opening New Files, Saving Files, Applications Bar, Options Bar, Creating and Viewing a New Document, Setting Preferences



Video File: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Session 5

Resizing & Cropping Images, Understanding Pixels & Resolution, Adjusting Canvas Size and Canvas Rotation



Video File: Understanding Pixels & Resolution

Session 6

Working with Basic Selections, Selecting With the Elliptical Marquee Tool,

Using the Magic Wand and Free Transform Tool, Selecting with the Regular and Polygonal Lasso Tools, Combining Selections, Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool,

Using the Quick Selection Tool and Refine Edge.



Video File: Working with Basic Selections Tools

Session 7

Getting Started With Layers, Understanding the Background Layer,
Creating, Selecting, Deleting Layers, Locking and Merging Layers



Video File: Layers for Beginners

Session 8

Introduction to Layer Style, Blending Modes, Opacity and Fill



Video File: Introduction to Photoshop Layer Styles

Session 9

Using the Brush Tool, Creating and Working with Brushes, Using the Pencil and Eraser Tools



Video File: How to use Brush Tool

Session 10

Photo Retouching, The Red Eye Tool, The Clone Stamp Tool, The Patch Tool, The Healing Brush Tool, The Spot Healing Brush Tool



Video File: Basic Retouching Tools

Session 11

Working with the Pen Tool, Understanding Paths, Creating Straight & Curved Paths, Creating a Clipping Path



Video File: How to Use the Pen tool

Session 12

Creating Special Effects, Getting Started with Photoshop Filters, Smart Filters



Video File: Creating Special Effects

Session 13

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator: Using the Workspace, Exploring the Interface, Opening a File, Using Art Boards, Zooming and scrolling, Using Tools and Panels.



Video File: Interface Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Session 14

Learning Essential Skills: Using the Shape Tools, Repositioning and Resizing Shapes, The Transform Panel, Constraining a Shape, Entering exact Dimensions, Selecting Artwork, Using the Shape and Transform Tools, Introducing Layers.



Video File: Using the Shape Tools

Session 15

Using the Drawing Tools: Understanding the Pen Tool, Straight, Curved Lines, Tracing Images, Creating a Tracing Template, Working with Image, Trace Using the Line, Pencil and Eraser Tools, Adding and Removing Points, Cutting and Joining Paths.



Video File: How to Draw Using the Pen Tool

Session 16

Adding and Formatting Text: Formatting Text, Paragraph Formatting, Using Paragraph and Character Styles, Putting Text on a Path, Warping Text, Putting Text in a Shape, Using the Layers Panel, Creating new Layers, Showing and Hiding Layers, Locking and Unlocking Layers.



Video File: Formatting Text

Session 17

Introduction to InDesign Tools, The Document Window, Using Guides, Viewing Modes, Working with Panels, The Tools Panel, Managing Panels, Working with the Control Panel, Saving your Workspace.



Video File: Basic Tools in Adobe InDesign

Session 18

Applying Paragraph Styles, Applying Character Styles, Applying Object Styles, Working with Graphics, Placing Graphics, Positioning Graphics within a Frame, Applying Text Wrap, Understanding Layers, Applying Effects.



Video File: Create Paragraph Styles

Session 19

Building Documents with Master Pages, Creating Custom Page Sizes, Creating a New Custom-sized Document, Creating and Formatting Master Pages, Adding Automatic Page Numbering, Adding Layout Pages, Adding Images and Text to the Master Frames, Applying Master Pages to Multiple Pages.



Session 20

Working with Text and Type, Adding Text to your Document, Creating a Text Frame, Changing Character Attributes, Changing Font and Type Styles, Adjusting Size, Adjusting Line Spacing, Adjusting Character Spacing.



Video File: Working with Text and Type

Session 21

Checking and Correcting Spelling, Finding and Changing Text and Text Attributes, Adding Words to the Dictionary, Checking Spelling as you Type, Automatically Correcting Spelling, Drag-and-Drop Text Editing, Special Characters and Glyphs, Using the Glyphs Panel and Glyph Sets.



Video File: How to Use Spell Check

Session 22

Text Frame Options, Adjusting Text Inset, Vertically Aligning Text, Importing Text, Changing the Number of Columns in a Text Frame, Using Styles to Format Text, Creating a Headline and Applying a Style, Type on a Path, Importing Text from Microsoft Word.



Session 23

Working with Tables, Creating New Tables, Copying and Pasting Table Information, Converting Text to a Table and a Table to Text, Importing a Table.



Session 24

Changing Row Height, Editing the Border, Formatting Rows and Columns, Formatting Cells and Text, Resetting the Cell Styles within a Table, Text Alignment and Inset within a Cell, Formatting Text within a Cell and saving Paragraph Styles, Merging Cells, Defining a Header Cell, Setting Column and Row Dimensions, Setting a Fixed Row Height, Setting Column width.



Session 25

Using Effects, Creative Effects, Applying Opacity to Objects, Drop Shadow, Adjusting Effects for Objects, Bevel and Emboss, Object Styles with Effects, Basic Feather, The Gradient Feather Tool, Converting Text to a Path, Applying Blending Modes to Objects,  Applying an Alpha Channel Selection, Applying a Path Selection.



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