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Course Name : Digital Painting

Code(Credit) : CUTM3115(0-2-2)

Course Objectives

  • Core knowledge and practical theory of digital painting software to create artwork digitally.
  • This course will get you up to speed on the tools and the techniques of digital paint creation.
  • To achieve proficient technical and aesthetic skills using various tools to generate a broad range of two-dimensional images.
  • Good understanding of both the technical and artistic/aesthetic implication of the creative software

Learning Outcomes

  • This course will help students prepare for exciting futures in art-related careers, storyboarding, character designing, matte painting and texturing artist.
  • The students can work on graphic design, photo editing, digital illustration for film and television
  • Learning different tools will help students to make their own creative products

Course Syllabus

Module I

Drawing Fundamental:

  • Basic perspective in drawing.
  • Basic element of light, Shadow and shading.
  • Working with colour theory.


Module II

Adobe Photoshop:

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop.

  • Understanding the interface.
  • Understanding pixels and resolution.
  • Working with basic selections tools.
  • Getting started with layers.
  • Creating and working with brushes.
  • Using the pencil and eraser tools.
  • Introduction to colour correction.
  • Creating special effects.
  • Saving with different file formats.

Module – III

Adobe Illustrator:

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Using the shape and transform tools

Introducing layers

All About Stroke

Brush Tool

Type Tool

Shape Builder Tool

Module – IV

Adobe Illustrator: Colour Tool: Swatches, Gradient and Colour Panel

Working with layers

Using the drawing tools

Adding and formatting text

Flat Icon


  1. Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate: How to Create Art on an iPad - by3dtotal Publishing.
  2. Digital Painting Techniques: Practical Techniques of Digital Art Masters (Digital Art Masters Series) 1st Edition by 3dtotal Publishing.
  3. Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop Paperback – by Nykolai Aleksander (Author), Richard Tilbury (Author), 3DTotal Team (Editor)
  4. Drawing Fundamental in Paperback - by Saban kumar Maharana (Author)

Session Plan

Session 1

Drawing Fundamental:

Basic perspective in drawing, One point perspective, Two point perspective, Three point perspective, Isometric perspective, Atmospheric perspective.



Video File:One point perspective

Two point perspective

Three point perspective

Isometric perspective

Atmospheric perspective 

Session 2

Basic Drawing Shape, Basic Element of Light, Shadow and Shading.



Video File:

Basic Drawing Shape

Basic Element of Light, Shadow and Shading 

Session 3

Working with color, Theory of colors.



Video File: Theory of colors

Session 4

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop: Tools, Control panels, Opening new files, Saving files, Applications bar, Options bar, Creating and viewing a new document, Setting preferences.



Video File: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Session 5

Resizing & cropping images, Understanding pixels & resolution, Adjusting canvas size and canvas Rotation.



Video File: Understanding pixels & resolution

Session 6

Working with Basic Selections: Selecting with the elliptical marquee tool, Using the magic wand and free transform tool, Selecting with the regular and polygonal lasso tools, Combining selections, Using the magnetic lasso tool, Using the quick selection tool and refine edge.



Video File: Working with Basic Selection Tools

Session 7

Getting started with layers, Understanding the background layer, Creating, Selecting, Deleting layers, Locking and merging layers.



Video File: Getting started with layers

Session 8

Introduction to Layer Style: Blending modes, Opacity and fill.



Video File: Introduction to Layer Style

Session 9

Using the brush tool, Creating and working with brushes, Using the pencil and eraser tools.



Video File: Using the brush tool

Session 10

Photo Retouching: The red eye tool, The clone stamp tool, The patch tool, The healing brush tool, The spot healing brush tool.



Video File: The patch tool, The healing brush tool

Session 11

Working with the pen tool, Understanding paths, Creating straight & Curved paths, Creating a clipping path.



Video File: Working with the pen tool

Session 12

Creating special effects, Getting started with photoshop filters, Smart filters.



Video File: Getting started with photoshop filters

Session 13

Saving with different file formats.



Video File: Saving with different file formats

Case Studies

Case Studies

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