Gender, Human Rights and Ethics


Smita Mishra Panda


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Course Name : Gender, Human Rights and Ethics

Code(Credit) : CUTM1014 (2-0-1)

Course Objectives

This course is about gender, human rights and ethics in which the student will be sensitized and exposed to related issues in the context of business and organisations in India. The specific objectives are:

  • To develop an understanding of gender, human rights and ethics in an unequal society like India
  • Sensitisation of how gender, human rights and ethics are significant in organisations.
  • Integrating concerns related to gender, human rights and ethics in organisations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the complexity of issues and challenges relating to gender, human rights and ethics
  • Be sensitive to gender, human rights and ethics within an organizational context
  • To integrate concerns related to gender, human rights and ethics into the policies, processes and systems in an organization.

Course Syllabus

Module 1

  • Difference between sex and gender; social construction of gender and its outcomes in the form of behavior, roles, gender based division of labour, hierarchy; gender relations
  • Gender issues in organisations - significance of relations between structures, practices, context, interactions and power for construction of gender at organisational level
  • Gender implications at workplace, management and leadership, Laws and Acts
  • Comparing different types of organisations; how to create a gender sensitive organisation

Module 2

  • Introduction to human rights, Meaning and Definition, Types
  • Human Rights Law: Protection, violation and the legal framework for their protection - International Human Rights Law, Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Conflicts of Rights and its Significance to Organisations: Challenges of the past and challenges for the future. Persistence of social discrimination and inequality; efforts in the search for justice for past violations, continued struggle for human rights and accountability in an organisational context

Module 3

  • Introduction to and study of ethics; Indian and Western ethics
  • Different ethical systems and perspectives; ethical relativism and its implications, utilitarianism, duty ethics and virtue ethics in organisations
  • Critique of various ethical positions and develop their own position in an organizational context

Session Plan

Session 1

Basic concepts on sex and gender; social construction of gender; constitutional provisions for gender equality.

PPT 1 - Introduction to Gender

1.5 mins video on Gender Equality and Poverty

Session 2

Gender issues in different sectors – Health, Education, Governance, Livelihoods

PPT 2 - Gender issues in health

PPT 3 - Gender issues in education

PPT 4 - Gender issues in Governance

1.3 mins video on gender stereotypes and education

Session 3

Approaches to address gender inequality – WID, WAD and GAD


TED talk by Deepa Bhardwaj - True equality is when both women and men have a voice - 13 mins

Session 4 & 5

Gender and organizational issues

PPT 6 - Gender and Organisations

PPT 7 - Gender Equality in Organisations

PPT 8 - Gender Mainstreaming and Attitude in Worksplace

PPT 9 - Gender Sensitisation


3.22 mins on The Future of Gender Equality in Work by ILO

4.22 mins video on Gender Based Analysis

Free Readings

Gender and Development - Concepts and Definitions

Gender and Organisational Change Training



-Gender Responsive Governance in times of COVID 19

- SDG - Gender Equality Goal 5

- Gender, Sustainability and Environment


- Good Practices of Gender Mainstreaming in India

Good Practices for Gender Mainstreaming

- Gender Equality Case Study

Gender Equality - Kerala Case Study

For 1st Sem (Sec A and B) courses - projects for assessment


Gender Human Rights - Class list-Sec B- 1st sem

Gender Human Rights - Class list-Sec A- 1st sem

Session 6

Basic concepts on human rights; history of human rights; current significance

PPT Human Rights_Basic Concepts

PPT History of Human Rights

PPT Current Significance

Videos on Basic concepts of human rights

Videos on History of Human Rights

Session 7

Violation and legal framework for the protection of human rights


NHRI_Paris Principles

Video on the Paris Principles

Video on Protection of Human Rights Act 1993 (for reference, bilingual)

Session 8

Session 9 & 10

Human rights in the organizational context

PPT HR in workplace

Slideshare on labour laws in India

Video on Why should your company care about human rights

Video on UN Reporting Framework: Salient Human Rights Issues


1.Arihants UGC NET Human Rights and Duties

2.Kapoor, S. K. Central Law Agency’s Human Rights under International Law and National Law

Ciapham Andrew, 2015, Human Rights: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press

Smith Rhona, 2015, Textbook on International Human Rights, Oxford University Press

Free Online Sources:…/10-human-rights-study-books-you-can-download

Session 11

Basic concepts in ethics

PPT - Introduction to Ethics

Video on Ethics defined

Session 12

Theoretical perspectives – utilitarianism, virtue ethics, duty ethics

PPTs - Duty Ethics


Virtue Ethics

Video on Utilitarianism

Video on virtue ethics

Video on deontology (duty) ethics

Project (self exploration through case studies)

Fraudulent Books_1

Gifts from the Boss's Friend_1

Gifts from the Sales Representative_1

Session 13

Ethical relativism

PPT - Ethical Relativism

Video on Moral relativism

Project (self-exploration through case studies)

Mining Data docx_1

Office Affair_2

On-time Delivery

Session 14 & 15

Ethics in organisations

Video on ethics in the workplace

Project (self-exploration through case studies)

Falsifying Attendance_1

Family Loyalty vs. Meritocracy_1


The Supervisor's Choice_1


Frankena, WK, 1973, Ethics (2nd Edition), Pearson.

Singer, P. 2011, Practical Ethics (3rd ed), Cambridge University Press.

Smart, JJC and Williams, B. 1973, Utilitarianism: For and Against, Cambridge University Press.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Our Main Teachers

Professor Smita is presently Director Research at the Centurion University of Technology and Management, Odisha. She has a background in Social Anthropology and Development Planning. A gold medalist from the University of Delhi, she has several national and international awards to her credit. She received her Ph.D from the Asian Institute of Technolgy, Bangkok (Thailand) […]

Supriya Pattanayak has her qualifications from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (MA) and the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (MPhil), India and RMIT University, Australia (PhD).  She has extensive teaching, research and policy experience and her research interest is in the field of gender and development issues, and social work pedagogy […]