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Course Name : Human Resource Management

Code(Credit) : CUTM1218(4-0-2)

Course Objectives

  • The student can develop the knowledge, skills and concepts needed to resolve actual human resource management problems or issues.
  • The student will be able to manage the employment relationship, which is a shared responsibility between employers, management, human resources specialists, and employees.
  • Student will be able to identify the human resources needs of an organization or department.
  • Conduct a job analysis and produce a job description from the job analysis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain knowledge on the aspects of human resource, its growth and development, its characteristics and how it is initiated in an organization.
  • Develop competency to recruit, train and appraise the performance of the employee thus enhancing their own skill in the organisation.
  • It will help in getting employability in managerial levels and effectively able to solve employee issues effectively.

Course Syllabus

Module: I

Concept, nature and scope of human resource management vis-a-vis personnel management. role and functions of HR manager, HR role in strategy formulation, HRM issues in Indian organizations

Module: II

Human Resource planning: Forecasting demand and supply, HRIS, succession planning; job analysis: job description & job specification; Recruitment and Selection: Sources of recruitment (internal & external), E- recruitment, Selection Process; Orientation Process; Human Resource Development: Concept and challenges.

Module: III

Training and Development: Concept, needs, methods and effectiveness; Career Planning: Career anchor and career life stages; Promotion: Purpose, Types of promotion; Performance Management System: concepts, use, methods, common problems of rating; Compensation: job evaluation, components of pay structure, factors influencing compensation levels, wage differentials & incentives, profit sharing, gain sharing, employees’ stock option plans, fringe benefits

Module: IV

Industrial Relations: Introduction to industrial relations, Trade unions role, types, functions, problems, industrial dispute- concept, causes & machinery for settlement of disputes; grievance- concepts, causes & grievance redressal machinery; discipline- concept, aspect of discipline & disciplinary procedure; collective bargaining- concept, types, process, problems, essentials of effective collective bargaining .


Books Recommended:

  1. Pattanaik B - Human Resource Management, PHI
  2. E.B. Flippo-Personnel Management
  3. C.B. Mamoria - Personnel Management.
  4. C.S. Venkataratnam& B. K. Srivastava - Personnel Management Human Resources
  5. R. Armstrong- Human Resources Management
  6. Fisher Schenfeldt& Shaw - Huamn Resource Management
  7. P. SubbaRao - Human Resources Management - Texts & Cases.

Session Plan

Session 1

HRM - Definition, Importance and Objectives

HRM Def & Objectives

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Role & Functions of Personnel Manager

Role & Functions of PM

Session 6

Role & Responsibilities of HR Manager

Role & Responsibilities of HR M

Session 7

Role of HR Manager in Strategy Formulation

Strategic role of HR M

Session 8

HRM Issues in Indian Organisations

Challenges to HR Managers

Session 9

Session 10

Human Resource Planning - Definition and Objectives

HRP - Def & Objectives

Session 11

Human Resource Planning Process

HRP Process

Session 12

Human Resource Demand Forecasting

HR Demand Forecasting

Session 13

Human Resource Supply Forecasting

Forecasting of HR Supply

Session 14

Human Resource Information System


Session 15

Session 16

Session 17

Session 18

Session 21

Caselet Discussion

Caselet - XYZ Company

Session 22

Session 23

Selection - Definition, Importance and Process

Selection - Def, Imp & Process

Session 26

Human Resource Development- Concept and Challenges


Session 28, 29

Presentation : Role of HR , Recruitment Process

Session 30


Session 31

Training and Development - Definition, Importance and Process

Training & Development - Def, Imp, Process

Session 33

Training Need Assessment - Meaning, Importance and Process

Training Need Assessment

Session 35

Promotion - Definition, Importance and Principles

Promotion - Def, Imp, Principles

Session 36

Promotion  Policy, Problems and Demotion

Promotion Policy, Problems and Demotion

Session 37

Performance Management System - Definition, Importance and Methods

Performance Management System

Session 39

Session 40

Session 41

Session 42, 43

Presentation: Job Analysis, Selection Process, Induction

Session 44

Industrial Relations - Definition, Objectives and Approaches

Industrial Relations

Session 45

Session 46

Trade Union -  Tactics and Theories

Trade Union Tactics & Theories

Session 47

Industrial Disputes - Causes and Settlement

Industrial Disputes

Session 48

Employee Grievance - Causes and Grievance Handling Procedure

Employee Grievance

Session 49

Employee Discipline - Causes of Indiscipline and Principles of Maintaining Discipline

Employee Discipline

Session 50

Collective Bargaining - Objectives, Importance and Process

Collective Bargaining

Session 51

Caselet Discussion

Session 52


Session 53, 54

Presentation: Industrial Relations, Industrial Disputes, Employee Discipline

Session 55, 56

Students will be divided into groups and asked to go through various job portals and to make a report on the hiring process of selected companies., Monster India, Linkedin, Indeed,

Case Studies

Case Studies

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