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Hydroponics Technician

Hydroponics Technician


Dinkar J. Gaikwad


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Course Name : Hydroponics Technician


Code(Credit) : CUSE1268(0-4-0)

Course Objectives

  • Responsible for successful cultivation of crops using hydroponics technique.
    Familiarity with Basic farming practices; and some experience in crop farming.

Learning Outcomes

  • He/She can establish a Hydroponics set up.
    He/She will able to run a Hydroponics set up for crop cultivation.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Hydroponics technology;
Scope and Importance of Hydroponics;
Plant Growth Requirements, Importance of light, temperature and humidity.
Nutrient requirements, deficiencies, toxicities;
Plant structure, photosynthesis, characteristics of different root‐zone factors and their application;
Hydroponic Growing Systems basic concepts and designs, site considerations;
Different types of Hydroponic system and their pros and cons;
Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Culture, deep water culture, Ebb & Flow,Other Techniques wick systems, flood & drain, bag culture, aeroponics, etc.;
Growing Media types, properties, uses;
Identify the crops and their suitability to hydroponics system;
Plant Propagation seed & cutting propagation;
Assess water quality, principal factors involving EC and pH;
Principal factors involving nutrient management (including basic formula calculations);
Monitor plant health, hydroponic environment, nutrient solution, perform routine maintenance checks;
Common pests and diseases, IPM and implementation of bio‐controls to control common greenhouse pests;
Familiarize with the maturity indices of different crops and time of day to reap, Carry out harvesting in the hydroponics system;
Familiarize with the electrical equipment available in a hydroponic unit;
Management Organization and Supervision;
Marketing Promotion and Selling.


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Case Studies

Case Studies

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