Introduction to quality control and patient safety


Prof. Sunil Kumar Jha


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Course Name : Introduction to quality control and patient safety 

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Course Objectives

  • Knowing patient safety
  • Report Distribution system
  • Laboratory infection control Policy
  • Bio-Medical waste management
  • Understanding Patient rights
  • ISO Policy for medical laboratory

Learning Outcomes

  • Know about rights and duties of patient
  • Know about right and duties of lab technician
  • Understand various policy to manage lab
  • Understand infection control procedure

Course Syllabus

Module-1 (11 Hrs)


Human factor Engineering, Patient safety, Health literacy, Report distribution system, Error in reporting system, responding to adverse events, Investigation of error/ Root cause analysis, Medical Error, The science of safety

Practice: Safety precaution in laboratory, Report distribution, Prescription reading


Module-2 (11 Hrs)


Team work and communication, Leadership, Quality control policy, Major development and evaluation in diagnostic division, Clinical establishment act policy, National accreditation board of laboratory, ISO Policy for medical laboratory, Fire and safety policy for medical laboratory

Practice: Fire Safety in lab, Documentation for Lab establishment


Module-3 (13 Hrs)


Personal protective equipment in the laboratory, AIDS and laboratory safety, Safety protection in lab in STD and other infectious disease., Biomedical waste management, Patient care in medical laboratory, Patient rights., Counselling of patient during phlebotomy, First aid in medical laboratory service.

Practice: PPE, Bio-Medical waste management, First-Aid, Patient Counseling

Session Plan

Session 1

Topic : The science of safety

Book  Reference : Godkar Pg 6-9

Video :

Presentation :

Session 2

Topic : Medical Error

Book Reference : Godkar Pg 165-170

Video :

Presentation :

Session 3

Topic : Investigation of error/ Root cause analysis

Book Reference : Godkar Pg 177-225

Presentation :

Session 4

Practice Session

Topic : Responding to adverse events

Presentation :

Session 5

Topic : Error in reporting system.

Book Reference : Godkar Pg 220-225

Presentation :

Session 6

Practice Session 

Topic : Report distribution system.

Video :

Presentation :

Session 8

Topic : Patient safety

Book Reference : Godkar Pg 9

Video :

Presentation :

Session 9

Topic : Human factor Engineering

Book Reference : Godkar P 192-198

Video :

Presentation :

Session 10

Practice Session 

Topic : Teamwork and communication

Video :

Presentation :

Session 11

Session 12


Topic : Major development and evolution in diagnostic division

Session 14

Topic : ISO Policy for medical laboratory

Book Reference : Godkar Pg 188-194

Video :


Session 15

Topic : Fire and safety policy for medical laboratory.

Book Reference : Godkar P 6-10

Video :

Presentation :

Session 16

Topic : Personal protective equipment in the laboratory

Book Reference : Mukherjee Pg 35

Video :

Presentation :

Session 17

Topic : AIDS and laboratory safety.

Book Reference : Talib Pg 217-222

Video :

Presentation :

Session 18

Topic : Safety protection in lab in STD and other infectious disease.

Book Reference : Godkar Pg 8

Video :

Presentation :

Session 19

Topic : Biomedical waste management.

Book Reference : Godkar Pg 12

Video :

Presentation :

Session 21

Topic : Counselling of patient during phlebotomy

Book Reference : Godkar Pg 217-226

Video :

Presentation :

Session 22

Topic : First aid in medical laboratory service

Book Reference : Godkar Pg 10

Video :

Presentation :

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Sunil Kumar Jha is working as the Dean of School of Paramedics and Allied Health Sciences at Centurion University of Technology and Management since 2016. He has also taken the responsibility of Director of Community Diagnostic Center. His major areas of expertise are medical diagnostics , clinical pathology, diagnostic bacteriology, histopathology and patient safety. He […]