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Smita Mishra Panda


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Course Name :Introduction to Research

Code(Credit) : ABC01(1-0-1)

Course Objectives

Students will be introduced to research, methods and techniques in their area of research.

To understand the process of research and learn its application

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to appreciate and understand the process of doing research

Students will be able to write a research/project report

Course Syllabus

Module: I Science and Social Science as Knowledge                        

Common sense view of Science, Seeing is believing?, Visual Experiences, Relevant Facts, Facts precede theory, Observation, Experiment as an adequate basis of Science, Deductive and inductive logic, falsification-A logical view,

Module: II Process of doing Research                                                

Overview: Problem Definition, hypothesis and its function, Types of Research, Literature Review, Research Design, Sampling: Census and sample survey, different types of sample design, Measurement: Measurement and scaling techniques, Methods of Data Collections: Experimentation, observation, interview, Survey, case study; Data Analysis and Interpretation: Qualitative and quantitative data, data presentation, central tendency and dispersion, association, test of significance.

Module: III Report Writing and Presentation                       

Significance of report writing, different steps in report writing, layout of research report & Types of Report, Presentation, Ethics in Report Writing.


Choosing a Research Topic

Introduction to Research

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Session Plan

Session 1

Science and Social Science as Knowledge

Importance of research for the students of Technology

What is Research

Introduction to Research Methods

Sessions 2-7

Sessions 8-10

Report Writing and Presentation, Ethics in Research

Project Work by Students


The students will be asked to select topics of their interest which is doable in half a semester. Towards that, they will be encouraged to pick topics from within their surroundings such as the University campus. Depending on the batch size, they will either work in groups or independently. They will apply the learnings from the classroom sessions to their area of research - research design, data collection, analysis of data (qualitative and quantitative), presentation and submission of report.

Students will be regularly monitored for the research design - statement of the problem, outlining objectives of the research, methods used in data collection, sampling, use of qualitative and quantitative techniques for analysing the data collected, presenting the outcomes and, report writing.

Case Studies

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