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Course Name : Operations Research

Code(Credit) : CUTM 1188 (0-1-0)



Course Objectives

To learn about the operations research techniques, model formulation and applications used to solve business decisions by using computer software

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to formulate complex problems into mathematical models to solve using software
  • Ability to interpret the results for optimize the costs
  • Ability to learn different tools to focus on business decisions

Course Syllabus

Module-I:           Linear Programming,  Simplex method

Module-II:         Transportation problem, Assignment problem


  • Harvey M. Wagner, Principles of Operations Research, Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, 1969
  • S D Sharma and Himansu Sharma, Operations Research: Theory, Methods and Applications, 15 Edition, Kedarnath Ramnath & Co

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Session Plan

Practice Session 1

LPP Formulation and Solution / Case-1 & Case-2

Case 1 and 2

Formulation of LPP YouTube Link

Practice Session 2

LPP Formulation and Solution / Case-3 & Case-4

Simplex method by Excel Solver YouTube Link

Case 3 & 4

Practice Session 3

LPP Formulation and Solution / Case-5 & Case-6

Simplex method by Excel Solver YouTube Link

Case 5 and 6

Practice Session 4

LPP Formulation and Solution / Case-7 & Case-8

Simplex method by Excel Solver YouTube Link

Case 7 and 8

Practice Session 5

LPP Formulation and Solution / Case-9 & Case-10

Case 9 and 10

Practice Session 6

LPP Formulation and Solution / Case-11 & Case-12

Case 11 and 12

Practice Session 7

Practice Session 8

Practice Session 9

Transportation Models / Case-5 & Case-6

TP Case-5 and case-6

Practice Session 10

Practice Session 11

Practice Session 12

Assignment Models / Case-5 & Case-6

Assignment Case-5 and case-6

Our Main Teachers

Doctorate in Human Resource Management ( Stress Management ) / Associate NCC Officer , NCC Unit, Centurion University / School of Management / Paralakhemundi Campus / Odisha / India