Reporting and Anchoring


Dr. Chinu Bohidar


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Reporting and Anchoring


Code (Credit):CUTM 1273(1-3-2)

Course Objectives

  • Introduce the learner to the challenges of the constantly evolving world of journalism.

  • Provide the students with the basics of good journalistic writing

  • Help the learner to develop the skills to think critically about the News

  • The course helps to learn Voice Modulation, live news anchoring and field reporting

Learning Outcome 

After successful completion of this course shall enable the student:

  • The students will be a good news reporter and news anchor
  • A learner can write be a reporter, copy editor and bulletin producer in electronic media
  • At the end of this course the learner can organise live shows, group discussion and exclusive interviews with experts of any field

Projects List

  • News Report for Newspaper, Television and Radio
  • Complete News Packaging
  • News Bulletin
  • News Anchoring, discussion and program anchoring


  • Boyd, Andrew. Broadcast Journalism,
  • Broughton, Iry. Art of Interviewing for Television, Radio &Film, Tab Books Inc.1981.
  • Kumar, Keval J. Mass Communication in India, Jaico Publishing
  • Lawrence Lorenz, Alfred &Vivian John. News Reporting and Writing, Pearson
  • Mankekar, Purnima. Screening Culture, Viewing Politics: An Ethnography of Television, Womanhood, and Nation in Postcolonial India, Duke University Press Books, 1999.
  • Trevin, Janet, Presenting on TV and Radio, Focal
  • Yorke, Ivor, Television News (Fourth Edition), Focal

Module I     Introduction to Reporting

  • Principles of Reporting
  • Functions and Responsibilities
  • News elements vis-a-vis Reportage
  • Qualities of a Reporter

Module II       Reporting Types & Techniques

  • News gathering technique
  • Reporting- Types of News Reports
  • Reporting- Accident, Courts, Society, Culture, Politics, Sports, Education,
  • Reporting- Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops, etc

Module III      Anchoring

  • The Voice and the Microphone
  1. Breathing and articulation
  2. Voice and its function
  • Pitch/tone/intonation/inflection/ fluency
  • Voice Over: Rhythm of speech, Breathing, Resonance, VO for TV commercials/ corporate videos
  • Body language, Studio autocue reading & Recording the voice
  • Talk Show Host/ Moderator- Legal pitfalls (what NOT to say)

Module IV Production

  • Reporting from the field
  • Peace to camera- meaning, importance and use
  • Vox Pop- meaning and use

Techniques of Television Interview


Principles of Reporting

Video: Principles of Journalism - Overview and Gathering Sources


Responsibility of a Journalist

Video:Journalist Role and Responsibility


Functions and Responsibilities

Function and Role of a Journalist


Elements of News

Video:Basic Elements of News


Qualities of a Reporter

Video 1-  Quality of a Reporter

Video 2- Quality to be a Journalist


News Gathering Techniques

Video:News Sourse


Types of News Report

Video 1: Hard and Soft News

Video 2: Hard and Soft News


Crime Reporting

Video:Crime Reporting


Practice: Write a crime report out of this Press release on Maoist Camp



Political Reporting

Video: Beat: Political Reporting


Political Reporting

Practice: Write a report basing on the Odisha Secretariat Service Association MEMORANDUM


Sports Reporting

Video: Sports Journalism


Practice: Write a Sports Report on Hockey World Cup/ Sports Capital Bhubaneswar/ Khelo India/ IPL. Take visual with data inputs and then file a complete package of Maximum 2 min


Cultural Reporting

Video: Art and Cultural Journalism


Reporting a conference, workshop and seminar

Video:Reporting a conference

Session-17, 18, 19

Project: Video News with complete packaging of political/ Crime/ Political/Business/Cultural news by students of maximum 2 min


Television Anchoring

Video: Television Anchoring


How Television Anchor Speaks

Video: Script to Screen

Session-22, 23, 24, 25

Practice: Script Writing and News reading using Teleprompter

Session-26, 27, 28, 29

Project: Prepare a bulletin of 20 min


Properties of Sound, types of Microphone and its uses

Video: Types of Microphone


Breathing and Articulation

Video : Voice Over Practice 1

Voice Over Practice-2


Pitch, Tone, intonation and fluency

Video : Voice Over


Body Language in Anchoring

Video: Essential Body Language


Body Language and Tone of Voice

Video: How to make yourself Presentable


Uses and Function of Teleprompter


Session-35, 36

Practice: Odia, Hindi and English DTP in Teleprompter and News reading and anchoring

Session-37, 38

Practice: Script in hand with out teleprompter practice, Outdoor shooting


Ethics of Journalism

Video: Legal Pitfalls in Media


News Reporting

Video:Field Reporting


News Reporting

Video: Field Reporting


News Reporting

Video 2: News Reporter

Session-42, 43

Project: on field reporting, video footage, scripting and complete packaging.


Peace to Camera

Video: PTC


Vox Pop

Video: Vox Pop Example


Practice/ Project: Prepare a Vox Pop on any current topic


Television Interview Techniques

Video: How to do on Camera Interview


Practice cum Project: Do an one two one interview with an expert of your area of choice.


Practice cum Project: Do an one two one interview with an expert of your area of choice with both single camera and multi camera uses

Our Main Teachers

Dr. Chinu Bohidar

Assistant Professor

Ms. Chinu Bohidar, Assistant Professor, School of Media and Communication presently pursuing Ph.D in Journalism and Mass Communication from Berhampur University ( Already submitted the thesis). She has more than 5 years of experience in the field of TV Journalism. She has worked as field reporter, Bulletin Producer and as news Anchor in the leading […]