Skill Course: 3D Game Art


Sandeep Kumar


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Course Name : 3D Game Art

Code(Credit) : CUTM3121 (1-1-2)

Course Objectives

  • Learn the fundamentals of Texture Painting in Blender
  • Add realistic and optimised lighting to your 3D scenes
  • Render and post-produce your final images in an artistic way

Learning Outcomes

  • The skills to model high quality 3D models
  • Learn the fundamentals of digital sculpting in Blender
  • Add shaders and textures to your 3D models

Course Syllabus

Module I:

Basics of Storyboarding

Character Sketching

Scene Sketching

Intro to 3D Software.

What is 3D?

Introduction to Blender




Transforming Objects

3D Cursor




Module II:

Introduction to Modeling

Edit Mode



Introduction to Shading and Texturing



Texture Painting



Module III:

Introduction to Animation


Introduction to Physics

Particles, Rigid Bodies, Cloth, Fire and smoke, Fire and smoke, Fluids

Introduction to Rendering and Compositing


Render Settings

Session Plan

Session 1: Storyboarding
a. Character Sketching
b. Scene Sketching
Session 2: Intro to 3D Software
a. What is 3D?
b. So, what is Blender?
Session 3: Interface
Session 4: Navigation
Session 5: Selection
Session 6: Transforming Objects
Session 7: 3D Cursor
Session 8: Editors
Session 9: Layouts
Session 10: Edit Mode
Session 11: Modifiers
Session 12: Sculpting
Session 13: Shading and Texturing
Session 14: Texturing
Session 15: UV’s
Session 16: Texture Painting
Session 17: Shading
Session 18: Animation
Session 19: Keyframes
Session 20: Physics
Session 21: Particles
Session 22: Rigid Bodies
Session 23: Cloth
Session 24: Fire and smoke
Session 25: Fluids
Session 26: Rendering and Compositing
Session 27: Rendering
Session 28: Cameras
Session 29: Render Settings
Session 30: Final Rendering
Session 31: Export to Game Engine.
Session 32: Export Animations to Game Engine

Case Studies:

  1. Storyboarding a Concept Art
  2. 3D Modeling of Characters and Environment
  3. Texturing of Characters and Environment
  4. Lighting and Final Rendering of Scene

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