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Course Name : SKILL: Phlebotomy Technician


Code(Credit) : ABC01(0-2-2)

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to healthcare system
  • Collection of blood sample for various test.
  • Laboratory safety and standard precautions
  • Collection of other samples for analysis.
  • Preparation of blood smears.
  • Sample transportation.
  • Infection control.
  • Biomedical waste disposal .

Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the course student will be able to :

  • Students will learn to work in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities drawing blood from patients in preparation for medical testing.
  • Demonstrate professional conduct and interpersonal communication skills with patients , laboratory personnel ,other health care .professionals, and with the public.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of infection control and safety.
  • Demonstrate proper techniques to perform venipuncture and capillary puncture.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: ( 3 hr)

Topic- Interpret test request forms. 

Practice- Interpretation of laboratory request forms.


Module 2: (3 hrs)

Topic- Prepare an appropriate site for obtaining blood samples.

Practice- Select a suitable site for vein puncture and capillary puncture .


 Module 3: (3 hrs)

Topic-Prepare and label the blood samples for test, procedure and identification purpose.

Practice- labeling the sample.


Module 4: (3 hrs)

Topic-Transport the blood samples to the laboratory.

Practice- Proper Handling and transportation of blood sample to the clinical lab.


Module 5: (3 hrs)

Topic-Assist the patient before , during and after collection of the specimen.

Practice- Practice general guidelines before ,during and after collection of sample.


Module 6: (3 hrs)

Topic-Update patient records.

Practice-  Maintain patient records


Module 7: (6 hrs)

Topic- Follow all safety and infection control procedures.

Practice: Followed some general guidelines for safety and and infection control procedures


Module 8 : (9 hrs)

Topic-Collate and communicate health information .

Practice- Collating and communicating health information to individuals, their family or significant others in response to queries or as part of health promotion and giving advice.


 Module 9: (3 hrs)

Topic-Ensure availability of medical and diagnostic supplies.

Practice- Practice the safety of equipment used for diagnosis , treatment and monitoring.


Module 10: (3 hrs)

Topic- Act within the limits of one`s competence and authority.

Practice-Act within the limits of one`s competence and authority


Module 11: (3 hrs)

Topic-Work effectively with others.

Practice- Teamwork


Module 12: (3 hrs)

Topic-Manage work to meet requirements.

Practice- Planning and organization the work in order to complete it on time.


Module 13: (3 hrs)

Topic-Maintain a safe , healthy and secure working environment.

Practice- Maintain a safe , healthy and secure working environment


Module 14: (3 hrs)

Topic-Learning about  code of conduct while performing duties.

Practice- Practice code of conduct while performing duties


Module 15: (3 hrs)

Topic-Follow biomedical waste disposal protocols.

Practice- To gain understanding of importance of proper and safe disposal of bio-medical waste & treatment , To gain understanding of categories of bio-medical waste, To learn about disposal of bio-medical waste – colour coding, types of containers, transportation of waste,etc.


Module 16: (3 hrs)

Topic-Monitor and assure quality.

Practice- Monitor and assure quality

Session Plan

Session 1

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Session 2

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Case Studies

Case Studies

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