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Course Name : SKILL: RADIOLOGY Technician


Course Objectives

  1. Introduction to patient care and lab services.
  2. To perform diagnostic imaging examinations such as X-ray, CT & MRI Scans under the guidance of radiologist.
  3. To prepare the room & patient for the procedure.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge about darkroom techniques.
  5. To understand the requirement for the radiological need of the patient.
  6. Demonstrate to assess faults in radiographs and remedy.
  7. Report writing and documentation in the radiology laboratory.

Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the course student will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge and technical skills associated with radiology.
  2. Perform routine radiological procedures within acceptable quality control parameter.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to plan& implement professional activities.
  4. Understand professional and ethical responsibility of radiology technician.
  5. Able to work with modern Radiology & Imaging laboratory equipments.
  6. To be able to maintain the radiology lab instruments.
  7. To be able to distribute the radiology laboratory reports.

Course Syllabus

Module- 1: Introduction to the human body, structure and function.


  • Anatomical positions & planes
  • Joints classification, cartilage Composition, Types
  • The Skull–Function, Bones, Nasal Cavity, Vertebral Column
  • Reproductive System: Male Reproductive System & Female Reproductive System


Module- 2: Introduction to healthcare


  • Basic Understanding of hospital functions
  • Basic understanding of Radiology Technician
  • Understanding of Radiology Departmental at different levels (National/State/ District)


Module- 3: Introduction to Medical Terminology and related equipment


  • Commonly used medical terms in radiological field
  • Medical abbreviations.


Module- 4: Orientation to Radiology Department


  • Orientation to Radiotherapy department


Module- 5: Radiation Hazards and Protection


  • Introduction to Radiation Hazards


Module- 6: Radiation safety


  • Patient’s safety


Module- 7: Personal Hygiene


  • Vaccination against common Infectious Diseases


Module- 8: Radiation physics of Diagnostic radiology


  • Radiological diagnostic needs for patients


Module- 9: Dark Room Techniques


  • Location
  • Layout
  • Film processing: Development, nature of development: manual or automatic, PH scale.


Module- 10: XRAY Film


  • Construction of X-Ray Films and characteristics, Curve Density, Contrast Film, Un-sharpness Film, Fog Types of Films, Packaging and Storage of Films, X-ray Cassettes


Module- 11: Faults in radiography and remedy


  • Machine part
  • To operate and oversee the operation of radiologic equipment


Module- 12: Regional Radiography and contrast media


  • Position terminology & projection terminology, Radiography of Chest, KUB region, Biliary Tract


Module- 13: Recent Imaging and Special Diagnostic Procedure


  • Mammography, Equipment, Positioning and projections
  • Xero-radiograph


Module- 14: Machines & Accessories


  • Type of X-ray systems
  • Functionality and Advantages and disadvantages
  • Digital and Analog computerized X-Ray

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