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Society, Media and Communication

Society, Media and Communication


Sarat Kumar Jena


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Course Name : Society, Media and Communication

Code(Credit) : CUTM1280(4-0-4)

Course Objectives

  • To provide an understanding of the Society as an Institution and function and role of Media and Communication.

  • To assess Media as an Institution in Democratic Nations at present.

  • To impart knowledge of international function of Communication Strategies adapted by UNO and other Public and Private Institutions.

  • To evaluate media law and media ethics, along with role of social media and voice of Marginal Communities.

  • To undertand the paradigms of controlling of global 'News' and 'Communication'.

Learning Outcomes

  • After completion of the course the learners will be able to understand the mechanism of media and communication across societies, and function and role of both public and private institutions.

  • Learns can access to Media Law and RTI and Institutional Communication strategies in India.

  • Learners can evaluate the parameters of society as an institution as well media as an institution.

  • Learners have access to examine the role of UNO, and major public and private institutions and their mode of handling media and communication.

  • Learners can understand the responsibilities of Media dealing with various sections of the society.

Course Syllabus 




Media as a social institution, Freedom of expression, RTI and media related laws (Selected laws)




The media Organization: Objectives, Content, Structure, Function, Ownership and Economics of media Organizations, Media as an Industry Commercialization and corporatization of Media and its impacts on media programs, Media ethics, Ethical standards and different statutory organizations for Media




Media as the voice of voiceless: women, children, weaker section, Minority and Media, Rise of Social Media and its implications




Political, Economic and Cultural Dimensions of International communication, Communication as a Human Right UNO’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Communication




International news agencies and syndicates, Impact of New Communication Technology on NEWS Flow, International Communication and Regulatory Organization.




Many Voices one world: UNESCO Paris
Mass Media and National Development: Wilber Schramm
Indian Media Business- Madhavi S Pandya

Session Plan

Session 1

Introduction to Society, Media and Communication



Session 2

Introducing Social Institution

Introduction to Social Institutions


Session 3

Functions of Social Institution


Functions of Social Institutions

Social Institutions

Session 4

Membership in Social Institution


Elements of Social Interaction

Identify Social Institution

Session 5

Media as Social Institution [Theory]

Media as Social Institution

Session 6

RTI [Theory]

Right to Information

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9

Rise of Industrial Society [Theory]

Industrial Society and Its Future

Post-Industrial Society

Session 10

Session 11

Commercialization of Media [Theory]

Commercialization of Media

Session 12

Ownership of Media Institution: Public, Private (NGO, Corporate) [Theory]

Who owns Media

Ownership in the Media

Session 13

Session 14

Global Media Corporate Organization

Session 15

Media Ethics

Session 16

Media as Institution of the Minority

Session 17

Rise of Social Media as an Alternative Institution

Session 18

Political Dimensions of International Communication

Session 19

Social Dimensions of International Communication

Session 20

Economic Dimensions of International Communication

Session 21

Communication as Human Rights


Session 22

UNO Policy on Human Rights and Communication

Session 23

International News Agency I

Session 24

International News Agency II

Session 25

Impact of New Communication Technology on News Flow

Session 26

International Communication

Session 27

Role of Media Regulatory Organizations

Session 28

United Nations Organization

Session 29

News and Media in United Nations Organization

Session 30

UNO as an Institution

Session 31

UNO – Human Rights to Information and Communication

Session 32

UNO – Organizational Structure

Session 33

United Nation’s Social Media Web Site

Session 34

Channel News Asia

Session 35

CNN International

Session 36

Pacific Media Center

Session 37

European Union News Room

Session 38

Press Council of India

Session 39

Walt Disney Company

Session 40

Times Group

Session 41

Press Trust of India

Session 42

Rising of Social Media Sites

Session 43

Communication and ‘Voice’ in Social Media Sites

Session 44

Project Work on Society, Media and Communication I

Session 45

Project Work on Society, Media and Communication II

Session 46

Documentation in Society, Media and Communication

Session 47

Production (Print, Electronic and Digital Delivery in Society, Media and Communication)

Session 48

Practice Project in Society, Media and Communication

Session 49

Field Work in Society, Media and Communication

Session 50

Social Institution and Mass Society

Case Studies

Case Studies

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