Therapeutics in Aquaculture


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Course Name : Therapeutics in Aquaculture

Code(Credit) : FSHM 2204(1-1-0)

Course Objectives

  • Identify the fundamental principles of Therapeutics in aquaculture
    Compare and contrast the specific pharmacology of the major classes of drugs, important distinctions among members of each class, the risks and benefits, in relation to the organ systems they affect, and the diseases for which they are used therapeutically.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will study in detailed about mechanism of drug action at organ system/sub cellular/ macromolecular levels.
    They would understood the application of basic pharmacological knowledge in the prevention and treatment of various fish diseases.

Course Syllabus

Scope and current scenario of therapeutics in aquaculture. Chemotherapy: History, definition, terms sed and classification of AMA. Antibacterial agents, mode of action, general principles, classification, Antibiotics, different classes and their mode of action, properties etc.Antibiotic resitance. Antiseptics and disinfectants. Antiparasiticides: Ectoparasites, Endoparasites and Protozoanes. Antibiotics used in aquaculture Biologics: Immuno-stimulants and Vaccines-Principles in preparation/formulation, mechanism of action. Drug formulation for aquaculture-Principles in preparation/formulation, mechanism of action, drug leaching, stabilizer, binders and dosage. Therapeutants in aquaculture: Classification, pesticides, fungicides/ algicides, hormones, anaesthetics, flesh color enhancers, Chemicals of therapeutic value, Law priority aquaculture drugs. Drugs used for structural material and substances for maintenance, substances connected with zoo technical practices, list of the drugs used in aquaculture with therapeutics.Introduction to Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)


Regulations of drug use. Introduction to antimicrobials, preparation of potassium permanganate solution, preparation of weak Tincture Iodine. Minimum inhibitory concentration(MIC). Fiveplate screening test for the detection of antibiotic residue. Calculation of different disinfectants dosage in treating fish ponds. Generic name, patent name, dosage and indications of various aquaculture drugs used in fish health.

Fish Pathology ---- Ronald J. Roberts
2. Prevention and control of fish and prawn diseases ----KP Biswas

Session Plan

Session 1

Theory 1: Scope and current scenario of therapeutics in aquaculture

Video link: Scope and current scenario of therapeutics in aquaculture


Session 2

Theory 2: Chemotherapy

PDF link: TA-courseware2 -Chemotherapy

Video link:Chemotherapy

Session 3

Theory 3: Antibacterial Agents

PDF link: TA-courseware3-Antibacterial agents

Video link:Antibacterial agents

Session 4

Theory 4: Antibiotic resistance

PDF link: TA-courseware4-Antibiotic resistant

Video link:Antibacterial resistance

Session 5

Theory 5: Antiseptics and Disinfectants

PDF link: TA-courseware5-Antiseptics

Video link:Antiseptics and disinfectants

Session 6

Theory 6: Antiparasiticides

PDF link: TA-courseware6-Antiparasiticides

Video link:Antiparasiticides

Session 7

Theory 7: Antibiotics used in aquaculture

PDF link: TA-courseware7-Antibiotics use in aquaculture

Video link:Antibiotics used in aquaculture

Session 8

Theory 8: Biologics

PDF link: TA-courseware8- Biologics

Video link:Biologics

Session 9

Theory 9: Drug formulation for aquaculture

PDF link: TA-courseware9-Drug formulation for Aquaculture

Video link:Drug formulation for aquaculture

Session 10

Theory 10:  Drug formulation for aquaculture-2

PDF link: TA-courseware10-Drug formulation for Aquaculture

Video link:Drug leaching, stabilizer, binders and dosage.

Session 11

Theory 11: Therapeutants in aquaculture

PDF link: TA-courseware11-Therapeutants in aquaculture

Video link:Therapeutants in aquaculture

Session 12

Theory 12:Therapeutants in aquaculture- Hormones

PDF link: TA-courseware12-Hormones

Video link:Hormones

 Session 13

Theory 13:  Chemicals of therapeutic value

PDF link: TA-courseware13-Chemical of Therapeutic value

Video link:Chemicals of therapeutic value,

Session 14

Session 15

Case Studies

Case Studies

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