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Course Objectives

This course will help students to:

  • To practice techniques of media research
  • Learn to get an idea about the field realities of media research
  • Get an idea about developing research questions and choosing appropriate method for the purpose of the study
  • It will help them to write reports of the study

Learning Outcomes

After learning the subject students will be able to

  • Develop research questions and chose appropriate technique to conduct the study
  • Understand field realities of media research
  • Compile and analyze the data to prepare and present outcomes of the study in a proper manner

Course Syllabus

Module-I: Introduction to Communication Research

Definition, Role and Function, Basic and Applied Research, Role of Theory in Research, Ethical Issues and Questions

Module-II: Some Research Methodologies

Quantitative - Qualitative Methods, Content Analysis, Archival Methods, Ethnographic Methods

Module-III: The Survey

Readership, Audience, Consumers, Survey: Schedule, Sample, Focus Groups, Questionnaire Design, Field work, Telephone Polls, Online Polls,Primary and Secondary data

Module-IV Presenting Research

Writing a proposal – research question, thesis statement, Tools of Data Collection, Data Analysis: Statistical-Coding and Tabulation, Non-Statistical- Descriptive and Historical, Bibliography and Citation

Indicative Reading List

  • Asa Berger, Arthur, Media Research Techniques, Sage Publications, 1998
  • Croteau David and Hoynes Pine, William, Media/Society: Industries, Images and Audiences Forge Press
  • Kothari, C.R, Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques, New age International Ltd. Publishers
  • Wimmer and Dominick, Mass Media Research Thomson Wadsworth


N.B. Students will refer Research Communication Research courseware for this course

Communication Research Courseware

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Case Studies

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