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Dr. Narayan Gouda

Dr. Narayan Gouda is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Centurion University of Technology and Management in Odisha, specializing in thermal conversion of waste biomass and waste plastics for production of fuels. He obtained his doctoral degree from Centurion University of Technology and Management, Odisha. He has more than 10 years of teaching experience. His current interests are focused on the development of fast pyrolysis of biomass for the upgradation of the fuel property to make it a better substitute for the fossil fuels and utilisation of waste plastics for the preparation of composites.

RESEARCH EXPERTISE: 1.  Exploration of different biomasses for the production of bio-oil. 2. Conversion of waste biomasses and waste plastics to biofuel by thermal degradation and catalytic thermal degradation process.   RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS: 1.  Narayan Gouda, Achyut Kumar Panda, Determination of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of thermal degradation of different biomasses for pyrolysis, Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, 2019, 21, 1-7. 2.  Narayan Gouda, R.K. Singh, Amar K. Das, Achyut K. Panda, Performance, emission, energy, and exergy analysis of CI engine using Kaner seed pyrolysis oil blended diesel, Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy, 2019,38, 1-10. 3.  Narayan Gouda, Achyut Kumar Panda, R.K. Singh, S.K. Ratha, Pyrolytic conversion of protein rich microalgae Arthrospira platensis to bio-oil, Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, 2018, 22 (12), 54-65. 4. Narayan Gouda, Achyut Kumar Panda,h S N Meher, Kinetic study of thermal degradation of microalgae Arthrospira platensis by iso-conversational methods, Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, 2018, 22 (2), 22-28. 5. Narayan Gouda, R. K. Singh, S.N. Meher, Achyut K. Panda, Production and characterization of biooil  and biochar from flax seed residue obtained from supercritical fluid extraction industry, Journal of the Energy Institute, 2017,90,265-275. 6. Narayan Gouda, R. K. Singh, Achyut K. Panda, Fast pyrolysis of Kaner (Thevetia peruviana) Seed to Fuel and Chemicals, International Journal of Applied and Analytical Chemistry, 2015.   MEMBERSHIP: Life member of Orissa Chemical Society (OCS)
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