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Course Name : Job Readiness

Code(Credit) : CUTM1016 (0-6-0)/CUTM 1182 (0-3-0)

Course Objectives

To develop students' employability skills by fostering proficiencies in quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability and communication skills.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to acquire the necessary skills to achieve the desired score in CELTS, as well as the desired proficiency in logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and verbal ability to be job ready:
COs Course Outcomes  


Mapping COs with POs



CO1 6.5 in CELTS  PO4 (Communication) PO5 (Leadership & Team Work)

Level 4 in MyPerfectice


PO2 (Critical Thinking and Analytical Skill )

Note: A student will be awarded the credits and grades as outlined in the presentations: PPT 1- Job Readiness Index & PPT2 CELTS _ SoP

*CELTS: Centurion English Language Testing System


Course Syllabus

Course Division

Course I: CELTS - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Course II: CELTS Verbal

Course III: Quantitative Aptitude

Course IV: Logical Reasoning


Course I: CELTS -  Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Module I: CELTS Listening

  • Notes/ Form/Table completion

  • Label the Map/Passage, Multiple Choice Questions

  • Complete the Sentences, Listening to Find Information

  • Assessment on Listening Skills

Module II: CELTS Speaking

  • Speaking about self, family, hobbies, interests

  • Introduction & Interview

  • Topic Discussion (e.g, Environment, Post Covid 19, Job)

  • Assessment on Speaking Skills

Module III:  CELTS Reading

  •        Skimming and  Scanning
  •        Sentence Completion
  •        Choose the Correct options ( A, B, C, D)
  •        Locating the Specific Information
  •        Assessment on Reading Skill

Module IV: CELTS Writing

  • Summarising the chart, table or graph

  • Comparing and contrasting graphs and tables

  • Describing maps & diagrams

  • Agreeing & disagreeing

  • Expressing a personal view & opinion

  • Assessment on Writing Skill

  • Job Application: CV & Cover Letter (2nd year)

  • Letter Writing

  • Email Writing (2nd year)

  • Getting Started –writing an introduction 


Course II: CELTS Verbal

Module I: Grammar (4 Hrs)

  • Articles

  • Prepositions

  • Subject-Verb

  • Spotting Errors

  • Sentence Correction

Module II: Vocabulary (5 Hrs)

  • Synonyms

  • Antonyms

  • Contextual Vocabulary

Module III: Reading Comprehension (3 Hrs)

  • Paragraph/ Sentence Completion

  • Jumbled Sentences/ Jumbled Paragraph

  • Reading Comprehension

Module IV: Verbal Analogies (3 Hrs)


Course III: Quantitative Aptitude 

Module I: Number System & Operation (14 Hrs)

  • Speed Math-1 : Multiplication tricks, Square, cube, square root, Cube root tricks

  • Speed Math-2 : Speed Calculations

  • Number System-01 : Operation on Numbers, Classification of Numbers, Tests of Divisibility, Unit Digit Calculation

  • Number System-02 : Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression, Factors & Factorials, Trailing Zeroes, Remainder Theorem

  • HCF & LCM : Concepts, short tricks, question discussion

  • Average : Concepts, short tricks, question discussion

  • Assessments

Module II: Basic Arithmetic (16 Hrs)

  • Percentage-01 : Basics of Percentage, Effective percentage, shortcuts

  • Percentage-02 : Advanced questions and discussions

  • Profit & Loss-01 : Basics and advanced questions of Profit & Loss and shortcuts

  • Profit & Loss-02 : MRP, Discount, Successive discount

  • Ratio & Proportion : Types of ratios, Basics & Advanced Question

  • Age : Concepts & Shortcuts

  • Partnership : Concepts & Shortcuts

  • Mixture & Alligation : Rule of Alligation, Basics & Advanced question, Short tricks

  • Assessments

Module III:  Time & Analysis (17 Hrs)

  • Time, Speed, Distance : Concepts, Problems based on relations, Average speed, Stoppage time

  • Trains : Relative Speed & All types of train problems

  • Boats & Streams : Basics, Upstream, Downstream & Shortcuts

  • Race : All concepts & Shortcuts

  • Time & Work : Efficiency, wages, alternative day, chain rule

  • Pipes & Cistern : Positive & Negative work

  • Simple Interest : Concepts & Shortcuts on Simple Interest & Installments

  • Compound Interest : Concepts & Shortcuts on Simple Interest & Installments

  • Logarithm : All Formulae, concepts & Shortcuts

  • Assessments

Module IV: Advanced Arithmetic (16 Hrs)

  • Equation : Linear & Quadratic

  • Permutation : All concepts & Shortcuts on factorial, fundamental principles of counting

  • Combination : All concepts & Shortcuts on Selection (Groups/teams)

  • Probability : Terms related to Probability, Event, Theorems related Probability, Conditional Probability. Shortcuts on coins, dices, balls, cards, etc

  • Data Interpretation : (Bar/Pi-Chart /Line) graph

  • Mensuration : Area & Volume

  • Height & Distance : Lines of Sight, Horizontal line, Angle of Elevation, Angle of Depression

  • Assessments


Course IV: Logical Reasoning 

Module I: Verbal Reasoning-I (14 Hrs)

  • Series-1 : Number series (Missing & Wrong)

  • Series-2 : Letter, Alpha numeric, Miscellaneous series

  • Coding & Decoding : Letter Coding, Number coding, Message coding, Substitution coding, Conditional coding

  • Word Problem : Analogy, Odd man out, word formation, letter pair

  • Logical Thinking : Brain Riddles

  • Assessments

Module II : Verbal Reasoning-II (14 Hrs)

  • Order & Ranking : Ranking & Sequence

  • Direction Sense Test : Shortest Distance, Angular movement concept and Dusk & Dawn

  • Clock : Concepts of Angle, Reflex angle, Right angle Opposite, Coincide and Incorrect clock

  • Calendar : All concepts & Shortcuts

  • Blood Relation : Jumbled-up descriptions, coded relations, Relation Puzzles

  • Assessments

Module III : Non Verbal Reasoning (14 Hrs)

  • Cubes & Dices

  • Cubes & Cuboids

  • Embedded Figure& Figure series

  • Figure Puzzle & Figure grouping

  • Figure Counting

  • Mirror & Water Image

  • Paper Cutting & Paper folding

  • Assessments

Module IV : Advanced Reasoning (16 Hrs)

  • Sitting Arrangement : Circular, Square, Rectangular, Linear, Triangular

  • Puzzle : Box, Floor, Month, Day

  • Advanced Puzzle : 3 variable

  • Logical Venn Diagram

  • Syllogism

  • Statement & Conclusion

  • Data Sufficiency

  • Assessments

Session Plan

Course I: CELTS 

Session 1

CELTS: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing 

Orientation Reference:

Session 4

Session 6

Ice Breakers and Speaking Stategies


Speaking Strategies:


Session 12

Skimming & Scanning

Lab Practice (Online) - Reading passage 1: Statements agreeing with the information in the text

Practice Test:


Skimming and Scanning

Session 13

Reading Comprehension and Sentence Completion


Practice Test:

Session 15

Reading Comprehension

Reading Passage : Statements Agreeing with the Information in the Text; Reading Paragraph 3: Statements agreeing with the information in the text, Choose the Correct Letter A, B, C, D



IELTS Reading: True, False, Not Given

Session 16

Reading Passage : Locating the Specific Information


Practice Test:

Session 22

Essay Writing

  • Opinion -Agree/Disagree
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Problem & Solution
  • Discussion  on both views



Session 25

CV Writing (2nd year)

A student will write CV, create proper LinkedIn profile and follow all of the University's social media channels for scoring the credits.


Session 26

Letter Writing

Practice: Students will write  compelling and persuasive internship letters that effectively highlights their skills and qualifications, while demonstrating their genuine interest in the desired internship opportunity/ Write a cover letter for a job position. Students are recommended to use Chat GPT for document make over.


Session 27

Email Writing (2nd year)

Practice: Students will write an email to the Hiring Manager for a Software Developer position (any other). Students are recommended to use AI tools for document makeover.



Session Plan

Session 1

Articles and Prepositions

Prepositions: Practice Set -1; Practice Set-2

Master IN, ON, AT:

Common Preposition Mistakes

Common Errors in the Use of Articles

Session 2

Online Test on Articles and Prepositions

Session 3

Session 4

Spotting Errors and Sentence Correction

Introduction to Sentence Correction -

Practice Set -1

Common Sentence Errors:

Spotting Errors :

Session 5

Session 6

Assessment Test on Synonyms

Session 7

Session 8

Assessment Test on Antonyms

Session 9

Session 10

Session 11

Session 12

Session 26

Terms related to Probability, Events, Theorems related to Probability, and Conditional Probability. Shortcuts on coins, dice, balls, cards, etc


Practice Link:

Our Main Teachers

Dusmanta Nayak

Learning & Development Manager

Dusmanta Nayak is an Experienced Aptitude and Reasoning Trainer with a proven track record of over 5 years, delivering exceptional training in prestigious institutions such as KIIT University, MITS, and GIFT in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Currently serving as a Learning and Development Manager and Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Trainer at Centurion University of Technology and Management, Bhubaneswar.

Mrutyunjaya currently working as aptitude trainer in Training and placement Department, Centurion university of technology and management. He has over 3 years of experience of teaching in the field of aptitude training in addition to logical reasoning for campus placements.