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Course Name : Introduction to NLP

Code(Credit) : CUTM3107 (0+3+1)

Course Objectives

  • This course introduces the concepts, Packages and techniques of natural language processing (NLP).</font
  • Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of the logic and computational properties of natural languages and the commonly used algorithms and libraries for processing linguistic information.

Learning Outcomes


  • Understand techniques and approaches to syntax and semantics in NLP.
  • Understand approaches to text/image/video processing, discourse, generation, dialogue and summarization within NLP.
  • Understand current methods for statistical approaches to machine translation.



Course Syllabus


Introduction to Natural Language Processing , Installation and Setup of : NLTK,SPACY,GENSIM,KERAS,RASA,REGEX,SCIKITLEARN ,Python text files, PDF and regular expressions, Tokenization, Stemming, Lemmatization ,stop words , Phrase Matching and Vocabulary .


POS and NER ,Part of speech Tagging ,Visualizing part of speech ,Visualizing NER ,Sentence Segmentation ,Text Classification ,Classification Metrics ,Confusion Matrix ,Text Feature extraction ,Semantics and Sentiment Analysis ,Semantics and word vectors ,Semantic Analysis with NLTK .


Topic Modeling ,Latent Dirichlet Allocation Overview ,Non-negative Matrix Factorization ,Text Blob,TextBlob Introduction , Blob Word List: blob.words inTextBlob,Splitting a text in to sentences ,Generating a list of noun_phrases using TextBllob ,Easily counting proper nouns in a string using TextBlob ,Finding a polarity of a string with TextBlob ,Sentiment analysis with TextBlob ,Measuring language subjectivity with TextBlob and Python ,Language Translation with Python Module TextBlob ,TextBlob nGrams ,Spacy , Concepts and Parameters and Interacting with Chatbot

Session 14 ,15 & 16

Practice :



Session 17 ,18 & 19

Project Work

An autocomplete feature

Customer support bot

Predictive Text Generator

Language identifier

Media monitor

Voice Bot

Topic Modelling

Text Classification

Sentiment Analysis

Recommendation Engine

Session 20

Session 28,29 & 30


Word Analysis
Word Generation
N-Grams Smoothing
POS Tagging: Hidden Markov Model
POS Tagging: Viterbi Decoding
Building POS Tagger
Building Chunker

Session 31 & 32

Project Work

Session 41


Avinash wants to help his sister mounika to pass through the aptitude exam, so in order to help her he wants to test her skills in english .So he fixed to assign some sentences and want the key root words in the sentences. So write a python code that helps mounika to get the root words in the given sentences?(Note:Use stemming and tokenization process)


Avinash is a comic editor in a X company one day while editing a particular script he became enthusiastic about the story of the script so there is no time to read the whole script he decided to understand the total story line by learning about the characters so he wants to separate the words in the sentence to know the characters as the whole story is complex ,So write a python program that splits the words and display both splitted words and count of the words in the given sentence using tokenizer function?


Avinash is a English teacher in a school.She wants to teach the students about connectors and prepositions and there usage in sentence formation so she thought an idea that helps students to understand more about the connectors and prepositions so he planned to give different sentences to the students and to remove the connectors and prepositions in the sentence .Write a python code to help students to remove those connectors and prepositions?(Note: connectors and prepositions represents stop words take them in a text file for required output)



Session 43 & 44

Project Presentations

Session 45

Easily counting proper nouns in a string using TextBlob ,Finding a polarity of a string with TextBlob

Session 47 & 48

Measuring language subjectivity with TextBlob and Python ,Language Translation with Python Module TextBlob ,TextBlob nGrams

Session 49 & 50


Sentiment analysis on social media

Sentiment analysis on social amazon products

Sentiment analysis on twitter




Session 51 ,52 & 53

Project Reviews

Session 56 & 57


chatbot for website

chatbot for whats app

chatbot for eCommerce

Session 58 , 59 & 60


voice bot for you tube

voice bot for call center

Case Studies

Case Studies

Our Main Teachers

A Avinash

Asst Professor

A.Avinash working as Assistant Professor, Dept of CSE, Centurion University of Technology and Management, Andhra Pradesh . Interested to work on Machine learning,Natural Language Processing,Problem Solving Methodologies , and ChatBot. Programming Skill: C Programming Data Structure Object Oriented Programming using C++ Formal Language Automata Theory Python Web Development(HTML,CSS,PHP) Database Management Systems Compilers