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Course Name : Rural Marketing

Code(Credit) : CUMM2360 (2-1-1)

Course Objectives

CO1. To familiarize participants with environment, challenges, opportunities, strategies and methodology for emerging markets.

CO2.  To sensitize the students towards the needs and behavior of rural consumers and strategies implemented to fulfill them.

CO3. To utilize the understanding on peculiarities of rural markets and the decision making process involved.

Course Outcomes



MAPPING COS WITH POS (High-3; Medium-2; Low-1)

CO1 Will be able to apply the concepts and techniques of marketing management and their application in rural marketing environments. PO1(3), PO2(2)
CO2 Will be able to understand and apply the rural marketing mix (4 A’s) to meet the needs of rural consumers which will help the students in achieving employment in FMCG companies. PO8(3), PO5(2)
CO3 Will get the clarity who wants to become an entrepreneur and he/she wants its product to enter the rural market for promotion of his products and services. PO10(3), PO3(3)

Course Syllabus

Course contents:


Module: I

Rural Marketing Overview: Introduction to Rural Markets Rural India- a promising Market place, Rural Economy- A reality check, Issues and Challenges in marketing in rural India, Understanding ‘Fortune at the bottom of Pyramid’, Rural Market Environment: Rural Market Structure and Importance of Rural Markets, Factors of market environment, Rural Producers & Rural Consumers, Rural Consumer Behavior: Factors affecting consumer behavior, Characteristic of rural consumer, Opinion leadership process, Consumer buying process.

Module: II

Rural Marketing Strategy: Rural Market Segmentation, Conditions for Effective Market Segmentation, Approaches for Segmenting the Rural Market, Targeting and Selection of Segments, Positioning Rural Products, 4Ps of Marketing Mix and 4As of Rural Marketing mix. Rural Marketing Research: Process of Research in Rural Markets, Sources and Methods of Data Collection, Data Collection Approaches in Rural Markets.

Module: III

 Rural Product Strategy: Market for Agricultural Inputs, Consumable inputs, Capital inputs, marketing of agricultural produce, Regulated markets, Cooperative Marketing & Processing Societies, Corporate Sector in Agri-Business: Cultivation, Processing & Retailing, Rural Marketing of FMCGs, Durables & Financial Services. Rural Pricing: Production costs, Finalization of price, Rural pricing strategies and rural competition and pricing.

Module: IV

Rural Distribution: Distribution Patterns for Consumer and Industrial Goods, Customer Convenience Buying, Village retailers, rural haats and fairs, Public distribution system (PDS), Cooperative societies, and prevalent distribution models (corporate). Rural Promotion: Rural Advertising, Advertising Mix Factors and Media Planning, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Folk media, Melas. Innovations in rural markets: Role of innovations in rural markets, Importance of ICT, ICT initiatives in rural markets, Emergence of organized retailing.

Text books:

  1. The Rural Marketing Book, Text and Practices- Pradeep Kashyap & Siddhartha Raut, Biztantra
  2. The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid – Dr. C K Prahalad, 2005 Edition, Wharton School.

Reference book:


  1. Rural Marketing- Ramakrishnan.L, Krisnamacharyullu.C.S.G, Pearson Education.

Session Plan

Session 1

Introduction to Rural Markets Rural India- a promising Market place




Session 2

Rural Economy- A reality check, Issues and Challenges in marketing in rural India



Session 3

Rural Economy- A reality check, Issues and Challenges in marketing in rural India



Session 4 (Practice-Flip Class)

Session 5 (Practice-Case Study)

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8 (Practice-Flip Class)

Session 9 (Practice-Flip Class)

Session 10 

Session 11

Session 12

Session 13 (Practice-Flip Class)

Session 14 (Practice-Flip Class)

Session 15

Session 16

Session 19 (Practice-Flip Class)

Session 20 (Practice-Flip Class)

Session 21 (Project)

Student working on the project to give the necessary updates regarding their progress and they can also get their doubts clear if they are facing any difficulty at any stage.

Session 24 (Practice)

Case Study Practice to be given and shall be done by the students

Session 25

Session 26 (Practice-Flip Class)

Session 27

Public Distribution System

PDS Dr Bodkhe



Session 28

Session 30 (Practice-Flip Class)

Session 33 and 34 (Revision and Practice)

Revisions and question answers discussions

Session 35 (Evaluation)

Evaluation of the Practice Component

Session 36 and 37 (Evaluation)

Evaluation of the Project Component

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