Course Title: Certificate Course on Paddy Processing and Marketing


A Avinash


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Course Teacher: Dr. PUSARLA SUSMITHA

Course Name: Certificate Course on Paddy Processing and Marketing

Code (Credit): ABC01(1-1-0)

Course Objectives

  • To strengthen undergraduate student in the field of paddy processing.
  • To initiate basic research related to cultivar purity, seed storage and seed marketing.
  • To impart training for entrepreneurship program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the concepts of quality paddy seed processing.
  • Study about handling different machineries in paddy processing plant.
  • Learn about seed marketing and seed legislation in India.

Session 1: Classes of seed

classes of seeds

Session 2: Seed Quality

Seed Quality

Session 3: Quality Indices of Paddy

quality indices in rice

Session 4: Importance and Advantages of Seed Processing

imp of seed production

Session 5: Basic Operations of Paddy Seed Processing


Session 6: Paddy Processing Plant Layout

Paddy processing layout plan

Session 7: Seed Drying


Session 8: Paddy Seed Treatment

paddy seed treatments

Session 9: Packaging

Seed Storage Packaging Materials

Session 10: Different types of Upgrading machines

seed processing and upgrading machines

Session 11: Seed Deterioration
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seed deterioration

Session 12: Seed Viability tests

Tz test for seed viability

Session 13: Seed Vigour tests


Session 14: Phases and Procedure of Seed Certification

seed certification

Session 15: Marketing Structure and Factors affecting Seed Marketing


Factors Affecting Seed Marketing

Session 16: Role of WTO


Session 17: OECD


Handbook on OECD

Session 18: Seed Act, 1966

seed act 1966

Our Main Teachers

A Avinash

Asst Professor

A.Avinash working as Assistant Professor, Dept of CSE, Centurion University of Technology and Management, Andhra Pradesh . Interested to work on Machine learning,Natural Language Processing,Problem Solving Methodologies , and ChatBot. Programming Skill: C Programming Data Structure Object Oriented Programming using C++ Formal Language Automata Theory Python Web Development(HTML,CSS,PHP) Database Management Systems Compilers