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COURSE CODE : CUFS 2413 (4-2-0)

Course Objective

To study methods of investigation in accidental cases, types of injuries in
accidents, documentation, collection and preservation of evidences and their

Course Outcome

  1. Understand the significance of tire mark evidence.
  2. Understand the importance of air bags and photography of accident cases
  3. Know about the usefulness of trace evidences in forensic investigations.

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Unit 1: Motor Vehicle Accidents

Accident scene. Sources of forensic information. Eyewitness accounts. Extent of vehicle damage. Visibility conditions. Photographs of accident site. Estimation of speed. Tire marks, skid marks, scuff marks. Maintenance of vehicles. Abandoned vehicles. Importance of air bags. Railway accidents.


Unit 2: Accident Analysis

Pre-crash movement. Post-crash movement. Collision model. Gauging driver’s reaction. Occupants’s kinematics. Types of injuries resulting from accident. Biomechanics of injuries. Hit and run investigations. Trace evidence at accident sites.


Unit 3: Tachographs

Forensic significance of tachograph data. Tachograph charts. Principles of chart analysis. Accuracy of speed record. Tire slip effects. Falsification and diagnostic signals. Route tracing.

Session 1

Accident Scene, sources of forensic information, eyewitness accounts

Accident Investigation - 1

Session 2

Eye witness accounts, extent of vehicle damage, visibility conditions

Accident Investigation - 2

Session 3

Photograph of accident site


Session 4

Estimation of Speed

Accident Investigation - 2

Session 5

Tire marks

Importance of Tire Impressions

Session 6

Skid Marks

Skid Marks

Session 7

Scuff Marks

Session 9

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles

Session 10

Importance of air bags

Importance of Air bags

Session 11

Railway accidents

Rail Accidents

Session 12

Pre-crash movement


Session 13

Post crash movement

Post crash movement

Session 14

Collison Model

Session 15

Gauging Driver's reaction

Drivers reaction

Session 16

Occupants's kinematics

Session 17

Types of injuries resulting from accident

Accidents & Injuries

Session 18

Biomechanics of Injuries


Mechanism & Biomechanics of injuries

Session 19

Hit and Run Investigations

Hit and Run

Session 21

Forensic Significance of tachograph data

Forensic significance

Session 22

Tachograph Charts


Session 23

Principles of Chart Analysis

Tachograph (1)

Session 24

Accuracy of speed record

Tachograph General Description

Session 25

Tire Slip effects

Session 26

Falsification and diagnostic signals

Session 27

Route Tracing

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