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Dr. Chinu Bohidar


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Course Name: Advertising and Public Relations

Code (Credit): CUTM 1285 (3-2-2)

Course Objective

  • The paper will provide knowledge to students about the tools and techniques of Advertising and Public Relation and their uses in a corporate organization
  • The course enlighten the students about the strategies on how to make a product or a brand successful through communication and creativity in this competitive world
  • To provide students basic and emerging concepts and principles in relation to better decision making in the areas of Advertising, Public Relation and corporate Communication

Learning Outcome

  • Develop creative solutions to address advertising and marketing communications challenges
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of integrated advertising and marketing communications initiatives
  • Write and edit clear, accurate, targeted copy aligned to organizational objectives, appropriate for the chosen channel
  • Produce effective, accessible, and timely print, digital and multimedia communications, independently and collaboratively, to manage specific media  relations, issues and achieve organizational objectives

Projects List

  • Advertising campaign, including a logo, a slogan with the power words and phrases used to convince a consumer to make the purchase.
  • Design of Posters, Brochures, Bill Boards  Leaflets and Hoardings
  • Verbal Overview and presentation of a Product/ Campaign
  • Press Brief, Press Conference and Press release


1. Sandage and others :Advertising Theory and Practice.
2. Sethia and Chunawala :Advertising- Principles and Practice.
3. Otto Kleppner :Advertising Procedure.
4. Cutlip& Center :Effective Public Relations.
5. Ravindran : Handbook of Public Relations.
6. Ahuja and Chandra : Public Relations.
7. Sam Black :Practical Public Relations,

Course Syllabus


Evolution and growth of advertising – definitions of advertising – relevance of advertising in the marketing mix – classification of advertising – various media for advertising – national and global advertising scene – socio-economic effects of advertising.


Ad agency management, various specialist departments in an ad agency: (account planning, account servicing, creative, media planning, HRD, etc.)Client related issues and the process, business development, pitching for accounts – agency-client interface,


Mass media laws concerning advertising – apex bodies in advertising AAAI, ASCI etc.),ASCI and its code of conduct, case studies from ASCI


Evolution and history of public relations – definitions of PR, PR and allied disciplines, publicity, propaganda, public affairs, lobbying, etc. Symmetrical and asymmetrical theories of PR - law and ethics of PR (defamation, copyright, invasion of privacy; PRSI code of ethics).


Interface of PR with various management disciplines (human resource development, finance, marketing, law, etc.) - publics in PR, PR tools (interpersonal, mass media and selective media) – PR in industry (public sector, private sector and multinational) – PR in central and state governments and the functioning of various media units of the state and Union governments .Writing for PR: internal publics (house journals, bulletin boards, open houses, suggestion boxes, video magazines, etc.).Writing for media (press release/backgrounder, press brief, rejoinders, etc)

Session Plan

Session: 1

Evolution and Growth of Advertising

Video: Growth of Advertisement

History of Advertisement  

Session: 2

Definition of Advertisement

Video: What is Advertisement

Session: 3

What is Marketing Mix

Video: Marketing Mix

Session: 4

Role of Advertisement in  Marketing Mix

Video: Role of Ad in Marketing Mix

Session: 5

Classification of Advertising

Video: Classification of Ads

Session: 6

Various Media for Advertising

Video: Advertising Media

Session: 7

Practice/ Project- Design an Ad for News Paper

Session: 8

Practice/ Project- Design an Ad for Television

Session: 9

Practice/ Project- Design an Ad for Radio

Session: 10

Socio-economy Effect of Advertising

Video:Effects of Advertising

Session: 11

Practice: Present an advertisement that affect the society you feel

Session: 12

Ad Agency Management

Video: What does an Ad Agency do ?

Session: 13

Different Departments of Ad Agency

Video: Departments of Ad Agency

Session: 14

Ethical Issues in Advertisement

Video: Ethical Issues in Advertising

Session: 15

Project: Submit an ad project which you feel violate the Ethical Issues in Advertisement

Session: 16

Legal and Ethical Issues in Advertisement

Video: Legal and Ethical Issues in Ads

Session: 17

Advertising Agencies Association of India

File: AAAI

Session: 18

Advertising Standard Council of India

Video: ASCI

Session: 19

Code of Advertising Standard Council of India

File: Code of ASCI

Session: 20

Evolution and History of Public Relation

Video: Public Relation

Session: 21

Definition of Public Relation

Video: What is Public Relation

Session: 22

Publicity in Public Relation


Session: 23

Practice/ Project: Prepare a publicity report for a regional news paper about your institute/ organisation/ hospital/ brand where you work

Session: 24


Video: What is Propaganda

Video: What is Propaganda

Session: 25

Theory of Public Relation

Video: Four Models of Public Relation

Session: 26

Defamation Law

Video: Defamation in Advertisement

Session: 27

Defamation Law

Video: Copy Right

Session: 28

Practice/ Project: Give an example of copy right in a project mode

Session: 29

Invasion of Privacy

Video: Invasion of Privacy

Session: 30

Public Relation Society of India Code

File: PRSI Code

Session: 31

Public Relation for State and Central Government

Video:Public Relation for Government

Session: 32

Tools of Public Relation

Video: Tools of PR

Session: 33

Tools of Public Relation

Video:Modern PR tools

Session: 34

Writing for Public Relation

Video:Writing for PR

Session: 35

Writing a Press Release

Video:Press Release

Session: 36

Practice: Writing a Press Release

Session: 37

Project: Prepare a Press release about your university Annual Function

Session: 38

Project: Prepare a Press release about your university's placement success story

Session: 39

House Journal a tool of Public Relation

Video: House Journal

Session: 40, 41, 42

Project: Prepare a house journal for your University

Our Main Teachers

Dr. Chinu Bohidar

Assistant Professor

Ms. Chinu Bohidar, Assistant Professor, School of Media and Communication presently pursuing Ph.D in Journalism and Mass Communication from Berhampur University ( Already submitted the thesis). She has more than 5 years of experience in the field of TV Journalism. She has worked as field reporter, Bulletin Producer and as news Anchor in the leading […]