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Dr. Sandeep Rout


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Course Name : Agricultural Heritage

Code(Credit) : ASAH 1101  1(1-0-0)

Course Objectives

Agricultural Heritage is to promote student understanding, awareness about sustainable agriculture and to safeguard the social, cultural, economic and environmental goods and services these provide to family farmers, smallholders, indigenous peoples and local communities

Learning Outcomes

This course enables the students to pursue higher studies and employment

Course Syllabus


1 Introduction to Indian agricultural heritage – Definition of heritage, agriculture

heritage - Need to study agriculture heritage

2. Genesis of agriculture and its chronological arrangement - Homes of evolution of agriculture and “old and new’’ world - Early indigenous domestications.

3. Status of farmers in society and specific role of women in ensuring food security-Farming systems in ancient periods.

4. Status of agriculture and advice by sages to kings on their duties towards farmers-Importance of farmers - Ancient agricultural practices and scientific basis.

5. Soil management in ancient, medieval, pre-modern India - Historical background-Soil management and its relevance in pre-modern India and modern day sustainable agriculture - Use of amendments - Land management, Piercing, tillage, puddling and pre-plant submergence, mulching, fallowing.

6. Soil concept - Ancient systems of soil classification - Ancient systems of soil

management - Medieval and pre-modern soil management.

7. Heritage of crop and water management – Ancient and pre-historic period; Medieval period.

8. Plant growth and development- Heritage of plant protection through vrikshayurveda and traditional Knowledge

9. Plant protection in ancient India - Plant disorders – Cause, symptoms, treatment materials.

10. Traditional knowledge in crop production and water management

11. Heritage of medicinal plants and their relevance today

12. Seed health in ancient and medieval history and its relevance to present day

agriculture-seed health in Hellenistic age – seed health in India - Materials

recommended for seed treatments.

13. Description of Indian civilization and agriculture by travellers from China, Europe and USA.

14. Pre-historic cropping patterns.

15. Our journey in agriculture-Green revolution and its impact and concerns.

16. Vision for the future – Challenges ahead.

Reference Books

S.R. Reddy, Agricultural Heritage, Kalyani Publishers

A. Zaman and Sagar Maitra, Agricultural Heritage, Palmview publishers

Utpal Giri and Md. Hedayutulla, Text Book of Agricultural Heritage, Scientific Publishers

Choudary S.L, Sharma, G.S, and Nene, Y.L (eds). 2000. Ancient and Medieval History of Indian agriculture and its relevance to sustainable agriculture in the 21st century

Proceedings of the summer school held from 28 May to 17 June 1999. Rajasthan college of Agriculture, Udaipur 313001.

Nene, Y.L (Ed). 2005. Agricultural Heritage of Asia proceedings of the international conference, 6-8 December 2004, Asian-Agri history Foundation, Secunderabad- 500009, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Session Plan

Introduction of Indian agricultural heritage

Introduction of Indian agricultural heritage

Session 1

Ancient agricultural practices

Relevance of heritage to present day agriculture

Past and present status of agriculture and farmers in society

Journey of Indian agriculture and its development from past to modern era

Plant production and protection through indigenous traditional knowledge

Crop voyage in India and world; Agriculture scope

Importance of agriculture and agricultural resources available in India

Crop significance and classifications, National agriculture setup in India

Current scenario of Indian agriculture, Indian agricultural concerns and future prospects

Our Main Teachers

Dr. Sandeep Rout

Assistant Professor

Dr  Sandeep Rout, Ph D Forestry , ICAR NET in Agroforestry Presently Working as Assistant  Professor in Forestry, Department of Agronomy and Agroforestry M S Swaminathan School of Agriculture his area of Interest is Medicinal and aromatic plants, NWFP and tree propagation