Anesthesia for specialties (Including Critical Care Assistance and Ventilation) Paper – II


Mr. Syed Raashid Andrabi


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]Subject Code CUTM1827 Credit (3 -0 -1)
CO1: To understand the monitoring of cardiac anesthesia and neuro anesthesia.
CO2: To demonstrate the management of anesthesia in trauma and shock.
CO3: To be able to analyze the conditions in obstetric and pediatric anesthesia.
CO4: To appraise the conditions of anesthesia outside the operation room.
MODULE I: Cardiac anesthesia – NYHA classification, Arrhythmias, Angina, Dyspnoea, Premedication, Setting up of monitoring system, Monitoring – invasive and non-invasive, Getting ready for the case, Induction of cardiac patient, precautions to be taken, Transferring the patient to the ICU, Care to be taken, ICU management MODULE II: Neuro Anaesthesia Glasgow coma scale, Signs of raised ICT, Premedication, check, Induction of a patient Positioning in neuro surgery, I.C.P. monitoring, Air embolism, Transferring to I.C.U.Ward MODULE III: Anaesthesia for Trauma & ShockResusciation, Preopinvestigation/assessment, Circulatory management, Management of anaesthesia, Rapid sequence induction, Other problems
MODULE IV: Obstetric Anaesthesia Differences between a pregnant and a normal lady, Risks for anaesthesia, Precautions to be taken Checklist, regional vs general anaesthesia, Induction/maintenance. Resuscitation of the newborn, APGAR score, Reversal, and extubation, Emergencies – Manual removal of placenta, A.P.H,- P.P.H., Ruptured uterus, Ectopic pregnancy, Labour, Epidural analgesia,
MODULE V: Pediatric Anaesthesia Theatre setting, Checklist, Premedication, Induction, Intubations-securing the ETT, Monitoring, Reversal & extubation – problems, Transferring / IC management, Pain management.
MODULE VI: Day Care Anaesthesia Special features, Set up, Advantages, Disadvantages, Complications, Future
MODULE VII: Equipment in ICU. Monitors, ABG, different types of ventilators, CPAP, BiPAP, HFNC, ECMO
        Lesson Plan Module 1
  1. Cardiac Arrhythmias
  1. Angina
  1. Dyspnea

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Working as Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Anesthesia , CUTM-AP, Vizianagaram from Sept-2021 to till date. Having an experience of 5 years in teaching and research. Earlier worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesia in various reputed Medical Colleges at Jammu & Kashmir (for about one year) and Utter Pradesh (for about 3 years), Andhra Pradesh(for about 1.5 years). I have done MSc Anesthesia in 2016 and Pursuing Ph.D. (Allied Health Science) from NIMS Jaipur, Rajasthan. Having research publications in various National and International Journals.