Applications of composites


Dr. Arun Kumar Pradhan


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Course Name: Applications of composites

Code(Credit) : ABC01(3-1-0)

Course Objectives

The course aims to cause a basic awareness about the significance of soft skills indiscuss factors which influence mechanical properties of a composite Classify composites, introduce common types of fibers and matrices, and manufacturing, mechanical properties and applications of composites.

Learning Outcomes

  • To develop professionals with idealistic, practical and moral valuesOutcome: One of the driving forces is the huge potential market for low cost carbon fibres and high performance composites due to the increasing global demand for lightweight materials across many sectors.
  • It may  conceptualise a novel idea / technique into a product or paper.
  • It will provide a completely new multi-disciplinary environment which may enhance the student thinking skill.
  • This course will help students in big way to build up their career both in academics and industry.

Course Syllabus

Module I (6 hours)

Classification of Composite Materials, Composite materials basic concepts, Material Classifications: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers and Composites, Thermoplastics and thermosets, Alloy designation and properties.

Module  II (5 hours)

Ceramic Matrix Composites,  Metal Matrix Composites, Special Focus on Geopolymer Cement, Composite Geopolymer Cement,Geopolymer: ASuper Nano Material.

Module III  (4 hours)

Graphene science, Graphene Enhanced Composites and Material Testing,

Graphee Naotechology: Waterfilter, uperconductor, and Clean energy.

Module IV (5 hours)     

Applications of Electrospun Nanofibers, Nanofiber for Medical Application, Fibre Reinforced Plastic,Natural Fibre,Composite projects.

Module V (4 hours)

Polymer-based nanocomposites for food packaging, Edible coating technology, Introduction of High Temperature Materials.

Module VI  (4 hours)

Carbon Nanotubes (CNT), Carbon Nanostructures, Carbon nanotubes and Its Bio-Applications.

Module VII (5 hours)

Controlled Release Devices, Nanoparticle and Microparticle Biomolecule Drug Carriers. Drug Targeting and Intracellular Drug Delivery for Vaccines, Bioceramics and Biocomposites.

Session Plan

Session 1 (1 hour), Module-I

Classification of Composite Materials,

Session 2 (1 hour), Module-I

Composite materials: Basic concepts

Session 3 (1 hour), Module-I

Material Classifications: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers and Composites

Session 4 (1 hour), Module-I

Thermoplastics and thermosets

Session 5 (1 hour), Module-I

Alloy designation and properties

Session 6 (1 hour), Module-II

Ceramic Matrix Composites

Session 7 (1 hour), Module-II

Metal Matrix Composites

Session 8 (1 hour), Module-II

Special Focus on Geopolymer Cement

Session 9 (1 hour), Module-II

Composite Geopolymer Cement

Session 10 (1 hour), Module-II

Geopolymer: a Super Nano Material

Session 11 (1 hour), Module-III

Graphene science

Session 12 (1 hour), Module-III

Graphene Enhanced Composites and Material Testing Project

Session 13 (2 hour), Module-III

Graphee Naotechology: Waterfilter, uperconductor, annd Clean energy

Session 14 (1 hour), Module-IV

Applications of Electrospun Nanofibers

Session 15 (1 hour), Module-IV

Nanofiber for Medical Application

Session 16 (1 hour), Module-IV

Fibre Reinforced Plastic,Natural Fibre,Composite projects

Session 17 (1 hour), Module-V

Polymer-based nanocomposites for food packaging

Session 18 (1 hour), Module-V

Edible coating technology

Session 19 (1 hour), Module-V

Introduction of High Temperature Materials

Session 21 (1 hour), Module-VI

Carbon Nanostructures

Session 20 (1 hour), Module-VI

Carbon Nanostructures

Session 23 (2 hour), Module-VI

Carbon nanotubes and Its Bio-Applications

Session 25 (1 hour), Module-VII

Nanoparticle and Microparticle Biomolecule Drug Carriers

Session 26 (1 hour), Module-VII

Drug Targeting and Intracellular Drug Delivery for Vaccines

Practice 1 (Module-II): Mineral extraction and geopolymer concrete from coal fly ash


Practice 2 (Module-III): How to Make the Hybrid Hemp-Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite

Practice 3 (Module-V): Fibre Reinforced Plastic,Natural Fibre,Composite projects

Practice 4 (Module-VII): Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

Practice 5 (Module-VII): Sol-Gel method/Preparation of ZnO nano-powder using sol-gel

Practice 6 (Module-VII):

Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (Fe3O4)

Practice 7 (Module-VII):

Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles

Session 2

Case Studies

Case Studies

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