Applied Equipment of Radio Diagnosis


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Course Name : Applied Equipment of Radio Diagnosis


Code(Credit) : CUTM2639 (3-0-1)

Course Objectives

To enable the students to understand different imaging techniques & procedures to take X -rays, DEXA, USG & PET Scan of optimum quality as required by the radiologist.

Should be able to: Preparation of patient,Preparation of contrast media,Give instructions to the patient, Perform radiology procedures.

Course Outcomes

On completion of the course student will be able to :

CO1: To define the principles and procedures of Catheterization and Intubation

CO2: To understand the construction,working principle and imaging techniques of DEXA  scan.

CO3: To explain the Physics, working principles, types and application of Doppler USG

CO4: To be able to evaluate the construction and  working of fluoroscopic unit along with its accessories

CO5: To be able to perform ECG, Echocardiography

Course Syllabus


Preparation of patients for general radiological procedures: Departmental instruction to out-patients or ward staff, use of aperients enemas and colonic irrigations, Flatulence and flatus causes and methods of relief


Principles of catheterization and intubation, pre-medication, its uses and methods. Cardiac catheterization, Coronary angiogram and Angioplasty.


DEXA Scan: History of DEXA, Bone mineral density, indications, Preparation of patient, t-score , z-score , osteopenia , osteoporosis , Units of BMD , Standard deviation.


All Ultrasound and Doppler protocols – USG Neck, Abdomen, chest, Pelvis, Scrotum, Breast, Small parts. ( joints, penile Doppler) Doppler – Carotid, Upper limb arterial & venous, Lower limb arterial & venous, Reno-vascular Doppler


CT SCAN-Advancement in CT, Spiral CT , Preparation opt Patient, Contrast Media, Indication and Contraindication, Technical Aspects of various procedures in CT


Nuclear Medicines -Nuclear medicines, a. Definition, b. Characteristic of Radio Nuclide, c. Commonly used Radio Nuclides


PET Scan, Gama camera, SPECT – Principle, construction, Characteristic and Description of Equipment.

Text books:

1. Principle and Practice of Nuclear Medicine and Correlative Medical Imaging by Reference Books: 1. CT Imaging, Satish K Bhargava 2. Atlas of Human Anatomy on CT Imaging by Singh Hariqba

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