Applied Ergonomics


Dr. G. Arun Manohar


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Course Name : Applied Ergonomics

Code(Credit) :        (0-0-1)

Course Objectives

  • Use the Human Erogonomics software to create an accurate simulation of a human entity and its work environment to ensure a natural operation

Learning Outcomes

  • Create, manipulate, and analyze how the manikins interact with a product and its environment

Course Syllabus

Module I: Introduction                                                                                                          4(hrs)

Introduction to Human Factors, Anthropometry and Workplace Design, Biomechanics of Work, Work Physiology, Stress and Workload, Introduction to Virtual Ergonomics Solution


Module II: Preparing Work Environment                                                                      2  (hrs)

 Workbenches & Tool bars, Setting Options, Exploring the 3D Environment


Module III: Creating Manikin & Workspace                                                                2  (hrs)

Creating Workspace, Setting Manikin Properties, Manipulating Manikin, interacting with workspace, setting manikin constraints, creating catalogs, performing clash analysis


Module IV: Human Measurements                                                                                  2(hrs)

Workbenches & Tool bars, Human measurements editor, summing up using the editor


Module V: Human Activity Analysis                                                                              2 (hrs)

Workbenches & Tool bars, Human Activity Analysis, summing up the analysis


Module VI: Human Posture Analysis                                                                              2 (hrs)

Workbenches & Tool bars, Human Posture Analysis, summing up the analysis


Module VII: Human Task Simulation                                                            4 (hrs)

Creating Process Activity, Creating a Manikin Activity, Inserting, resources, motion analysis, Human task simulation, Master project on Ergonomics


Reference Books/Material:

  1. Dassault Systemes Companion Learning Space- Virtual Ergonomics Simulation

Session Plan

Session 1

Anthropometry & Ergonomics                         

Workplace Ergonomics                                       

Virtual Ergonomics using Delmia                    

3D Experience  Demo on Ergonomics              

Session 2

Exploring Virtual Ergonomics Environment in 3D Experience

Session 3

Human Builder                           

Manikin Constraints                 

Manikin Manipulation             

Session - 4

Creating a Manikin for an Industrial Application

Session -5

Human Activity Simulation & Analysis              

Session -6

Human Posture Analysis                      

Session -7

Task Simulation                                  

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Case Studies

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