Basics of Nursing


Mr. Syed Raashid Andrabi


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Code  CUTM1815 Credit(5)

Course objectives:

  • To make the students learn about the basic nursing care

Learning outcomes:

  • At the end of the course students will be knowledgeable in the following areas:
  • Basic nursing care
  • Relationship with patient
  • Patient Care
  • Health care system in our country
  • Emergency and first aid care
  • Basic protocols to be followed during emergency

Module I: Introduction of Health

Health care system, major health problems of the country, nature of disease pattern, technological advances and national health programmes, health for all by 2000 AD. Role of health care workers in the health care delivery system, impact of illness of the individual family and community.

  • Communication Skills
  • Relationship with patients, process of communication


Module II: Patient care:

Nursing Processes, Problems solving approach, assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation.


Module III: First Aid and Emergencies

Definition, basic principles, scope and rules, Wounds, haemorrhages, shock, fracture, dislocation and muscle injuries, respiratory emergencies, resuscitation, unconsciousness, Miscellaneous conditions, burns, scalds, foreign bodies in the skin, eyes, ear, nose, throat and stomach. Frost bite, effects of heart cramps, bites and stings. Poisoning, Transporting injured persons.


Module IV: Organization of OT:

  1. Technician role and responsibilities b) Safety norms, c)Air exchange and air condition, d) Defibrillation, e) Crash cart and its contents, f)Cardiac


Module V: Preparation and Assissting for Various Surgical Procedures; as Circulating

  • Setting up of operation room and table
  • Setting up of trays and trolleys for various surgical procedures
  • Part preparation for surgical procedures
  • Positioning and draping according the surgical procedures
  • Incisions for various surgical procedures
  • Minor surgeries-surgical instruments and suturing materials
  • Major surgeries-surgical instruments and suturing materials


Module VI: Patient Hygiene and Health

  • Care of skin, mouth, eyes, nails, hair
  • Menstrual hygiene, clothing, mental health, common health problems of poor personal
  • Comfort, Rest and Sleep
  • Hospital Housekeeping

Module VII: Health Education

Introduction to principles and methods of health education. Use of audio visual aids, mass education, role of nurse in health education.

Basics of Nursing Practice

  1. First Aid
  2. CPR,
  3. Nursing
  4. Bandaging types
  5. Various positions in nursing foundation lab.
  6. Ward visit to monitor BMW
  7. Demonstration of Patient care Procedures:
    1. Positioning of patient, transport of the patient, Dressing and Bandaging, Care of inter costal drain tube, Insertion of naso-gastric tube and feeding
    2. Phlebotomy and obtaining blood samples, Arterial Blood sampling for ABG
    3. Injections: intra muscular, intra venous, sub cutanious, intra dermal
    4. Insertion of intra venous catheter and infusion of medications, blood transfusion
    5. Recording of ECG and monitoring of patient
    6. Oxygen therapy: oxygen canula Aerosol therapy: nebulization,in halers
    7. Suctioning and care of artificial airway
    8. Insertion of urinary bladder catheter
    9. PPE
  8. Basic Life Support (BLS)

Our Main Teachers

Working as Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Anesthesia , CUTM-AP, Vizianagaram from Sept-2021 to till date. Having an experience of 5 years in teaching and research. Earlier worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesia in various reputed Medical Colleges at Jammu & Kashmir (for about one year) and Utter Pradesh (for about 3 years), Andhra Pradesh(for about 1.5 years). I have done MSc Anesthesia in 2016 and Pursuing Ph.D. (Allied Health Science) from NIMS Jaipur, Rajasthan. Having research publications in various National and International Journals.