Bio and Biomimetic Nanomaterials


Subhraraj Panda


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Course Name : Bio and Biomimetic Nanomaterials

Code(Credit) : CUTM1400(3-0-1)

Course Objective

  • Gain knowledge about biomaterials, their properties, behavior, interaction, and use of them in pharmaceutical science.
  • The emphasis of course is to understand the physics of biomaterials in detail and to explore the wide application.

Course Outcome

COs Course outcomes Mapping COs with POs (High-3, Medium-2, Low-1)
CO1 Understand the fundamental concepts of biomaterials and their biomedical applications. PO1-3, PO2-1, PO7-3, PO9-1
CO2 Use the knowledge for higher study and research PO1-3, PO2-2,  PO7-2, PO9-2
CO3 Explore the possible physics research and their applications in society and health care units PO2-3, PO7-3, PO9-2

Course Syllabus

Module-I: Fundamentals 

Definition of biomaterials, requirements & classification of biomaterials, Properties of biomaterials

Module-II: Metallic Implant Materials

Stainless steel, Co-based alloys, Ti and Ti-based alloys.Importance of stress-corrosion cracking. 

Assignment-1: Orthopedic implants

Module-III: Polymeric Implant Materials

Classification according to thermosets, thermoplastics and elastomers. Importance of molecular structure, hydrophilic and hydrophobic surface properties, Biodegradable polymers for medical purposes

Assignment-2: Dental implants

Module-IV: Ceramic Implant Materials 

Definition of bioceramics, common types of bioceramics, the importance of wear resistance and low fracture toughness

Assignment-3: Soft tissue replacement implants

Module-V: Biocompatibility & Toxicological Screening of Biomaterials 

Biocompatibility & toxicological screening of biomaterials

Assignment-4: Percutaneous and skin implants

Module-VI: Biomimetic 

Inspiration from animals, self-healing materials

Assignment-5: Vascular implants

Module-VII Biomimetic in Photonics 

Biomimetic in photonics, Various applications of Biomimetic

Assignment-6: Heart valve implants

Text Books:

1.Biomimetic Biomaterials Structure and Applications

By Andrew Ruys

ISBN: 9780857094162

2.Biomimetics in Photonics

By Olaf Karthaus

ISBN 9781439877463

Session 3

Session 13

Polymeric implant materials-II

Session 14


Soft tissue replacement implants

Session 16

Importance of molecular structure, hydrophilic and hydrophobic surface properties

Session 17


Percutaneous and skin implants

Session 18

Biodegradable polymers for medical purposes

Session 22

Session 24

Session 25


Heart valve implants

Session 26

Importance of wear resistance and low fracture toughness

Session 27

Session 28

Biocompatibility & Toxicological screening of biomaterials

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Dr.Subhraraj Panda is working as an Associate Professor of Physics in Centurion University of Technology and Management, Bhubaneswar, Odisha since 2008 and has 19 years of experience in teaching. He had his Ph.D. from Ravenshaw University, Cuttack in 2019 and got eight years of research experience. His research interests are fluid and molecular acoustic He […]

Dr. Padmaja Patnaik

Associate Professor in School of Applied Sciences, Department of Physics

Dr. Padmaja Patnaik has done her PhD in Physics from IITB, Mumbai under the guidance of Dr Gautam Mukhopadhya and Dr Prabhakar P Singh of IITB, Mumbai. She focuses on the application of theory behind many scientific research and applications in the field of Physics and Material Science to solve modern day problems and foster […]