Building Information Modeling


Chiranjeeb Prasad Mohanty


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Course Name : Building Information Modeling

Code(Credit) : CUTM1878(0-2-2)

Course Objectives

  • This course aims to make the participants productive by giving the ability to produce drawings and redone images of buildings.
  • It will help navigate user interface, architectural objects such as door, walls, roofs, windows, and stairs.
  • Covering the basics of Revit Architecture, This course will assist in the creation of schematic design through construction documentation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Building information modeling
  • Exploring User Interface
  • Working with Revit Elements
  • Conceptual modeling using massing
  • Presenting the model of building
  • Managing view, documentation and schedules
  • Controlling the visibility of the object.

Course Syllabus


Introduction to BIM modeling

The need and scope of with live examples

Ergonometric data and its application

Applying learnings to a bigger scale hotel/at scheme/hostels

Incorporation of site factors

Realistic approach road and building bye-laws

The magic of Importing previous plans & reorient them to achieve larger scale in no time

Prepare specifications in BIM

Estimating all the quantities in a very short time.

Layer wise calculation for pipelines, electrical ducts, AC units, etc

Introducing structural layers for design

Cross-check with  foundation calculation & column orientation

Data and record for the 3D design of individual aspects for the next level.


1. Small scale (initial) with interior

1.a. Hostel room

1.b. Individual home

1.c. Duplex bungalow

1.d. Shop


2. Live/ ongoing Project/Turnkey basis

2.a. Multi-story building

2.b. Hospital

2c. Hostel

2.d. Office Building

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Reference guide book -

Reference video -

Session Plan

Session 1

A thorough introduction to BIM

Session 2

BIM’s extent and various applications

Session 3

Case study and live applications/examples

Session 4/5

PROJECT- Small scale (initial) with interior

Hostel room or a Master bed room

Session 6

PROJECT- Evaluation of the project

Session 7

Introduction to bigger scale problems based on previous sample design

Session 8

Time saving factor using 3D skills

Session 9

Specication generation in BIM

Session 10

Estimation of quantities

Session 11


Individual home

Duplex bungalow

Session 12


Individual home- Evaluation

Session 13


Duplex bungalow- Evaluation

Session 14

5D estimation and BIM/adding another dimension to BIM

Session 15

Layer of services: water supply and Sanitation

Session 16

Calculation and Fitting nitty-gritty

Session 17

Electrical Layout and BIM

Session 18

Electrical Layout: drawing and estimation

Session 19

AC layout ducting (only introduction)

Session 20

Centreline plan and Cross check with grid formation

Session 21

Reorientation of columns and beams to form a strong frame

Session 22

Cross check in 3D-Quick Revit analysis/SAP

Session 23

Basics of foundation calculation & column

Session 24/25


Multi-story building

Session 26/27




Session 28/29

PROJECT- Office Building

Session 30

Project Report Submission

Case Studies

Case Studies

Our Main Teachers

Auto Cad, Revit Architect, 3ds Max ,Staad pro.