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Code(Credit) : CUTM1695(2-0-0)

Course Objectives

  • To provide knowledge of the environment in which businesses operate, the economic operational and financial framework
  • To give students an understanding of the various constituents of the local and global business environments.
  • To have a critical study of liberalization, privatization and globalization.
  • To study the procedural aspects of various forms of Business Organizations in India

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the course, the student will be able to

  • Identify and evaluate the complexities of business environment and their impact on the business.
  • Analyze the relationships between Government and business and understand the political, economic, legal and social policies of the country.
  • Analyze current economic conditions in developing emerging markets, and evaluate present and future opportunities.
  • Gain knowledge about the operation of different institutions in international business environment.

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: 


 Business Structure  

Evolution from local to global state - Changing Scenario since liberalization, privatization and globalisation – Concept of Business Structure- Structural relationship of Business components – like trade, Industry, commerce & services – role of business associations

Unit 2 : 


 Business Environment

Concept & Significance - Economic - political - Social -Technological - Legal - Cultural & Ecological Environment. Inter - dependence of Business& Environment-National priorities & fiscal concessions

Unit 3:   International Environment

International trading environment (overview); Trends in world trade and the problems of developing countries; foreign trade and economic growth; International Economic groupings; International economic institutions - GATT, WTO. UNCTAD, World Bank, IMF, GSTP; Counter trade


Books Recommended:


  1. Pandey GN, Environment Management, Vikas Publishing, New Delhi
  2. Paul Justin, Business Environment: Text and Cases, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi
  3. Saleem Sheikh, Business Environment, Pearson Education, New Delhi
  4. Vivek Mittal, Business Environment, Excel Books, New Delhi

Session Plan

Session 1

Business Structure: Evolution from local to global state, Changing Scenario since liberalization.


Business Environment


Session 2

Meaning and detail discussion on: privatization, globalization

PDF link

Business Environment

Session 3

Concept of Business Structure- sole proprietorship business, features, advantages and disadvantages, Partnership business, joint stock company- features, advantages and disadvantages.

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Business Environment

Session 4

Structural relationship of Business components – like trade, Industry, commerce & services


Business Environment


Session 5

Role of business associations

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Business Environment

Session 6

Business Environment: Concept & Significance


Business Environment

Session 7

Economic, political Environment Social, Technological Environment Legal, Cultural Environment and Ecological Environment


Business Environment


Session 8

The interdependence of Business& Environment, About National priorities, fiscal concessions

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Business Environment

Session 9

International trading environment (overview), Trends in world trade and the problems of developing countries, foreign trade and economic growth, International Economic groupings

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Business Environment

Session 10

International economic institutions -GATT
International economic institutions -WTO, UNCTAD
International economic institutions -World Bank, IMF
About GSTP, counter trade

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Business Environment

Case Studies

Case Studies

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