Business Policy and Strategy


Dr.Susanta Kumar Mishra


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Course Name : Business Policy and Strategy


Code(Credit) : MGFM-2314(4-1-1)


Course Objectives

  •  This course provides an understanding of the strategies formulated by the Business Organisation in order to stay ahead of the Competition and to create a niche in the marketplace.
  •  The course explains the importance of the Vision and Mission statements from the organisational point of view
  •  Students are expected to be familiar with the Analysis of the Industry and Company.

Learning Outcomes

• The students will be able to have a basic understanding of the Business Environment.
• Understand how Industry Analysis can help to choose a right Indusrty
• Have an understanding of who the real Competitor is in the Market Place
• Understand the Strength and Weaknesses through SWOT Analysis
• Understand the Value Chain of the Products and Services

Course Syllabus

Concept and Functions of Business Strategy, Strategic Management Process, Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Goals, Business and Functional Level strategic management decisions,
Module -II
External Analysis – Environmental Scanning,Analysis of Company's External Environment, PESTEL Analysis, Industry Analysis using Porter's 5 Forces Model, Internal Analysis:Importance of Organization's Capabilities, SWOT Analysis, Competetive Advantage and Core Competencies, Value Chain Analysis

Module -III

Formulation of Competitive Strategies: Porter's Generic Competitive Strategies, Implementing Competitive Strategies-Offensive and Defensive moves, Strategies of Growth, Stability and Retrenchment, Growth Strategies: Concentrated Growth, Product Development, integration, Diversification, International Expansion, Renewal Strategies: Retrenchment & Turnaround, Strategic Fundamentals of Mergers & Acquisitions.
Module -IV
Portfolio Analysis: BCG Matrix, GE Matrix, Strategic Gap Analysis, Strategy Implementation


1.Industry Analysis using Porter's Five Forces Model

2.Company Analysis using SWOT Analysis

Books Recommended:
1. Strategic Management and Business Policy -Azhar Kazmi TMH
2. Strategic Management Concept and Cases - Fred r David PHI
3. Business Policy and strategy Mc. CarthyEt AI TMH

Session Plan

Session 1

Session Plan

Session 2 & 3

Strategic Management Process

Session 4 & 5

Session 6

Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Goal

Session 7 & 8

Case Study

Honda Motors Entry in the US Market to Sell Motorcycle

Session 9 & 10

External Analysis

Environmental Scanning,

Analysis of Company's External Environment

Env. Analysis-converted

Session 11

Session 12 & 13

Industry Analysis using Porter's 5 Forces Model

porter's5 forces-converted

Session 14 & 15

Case Study on Industry Analysis by looking into the changes of the Indian Automoblie Industry using Porter's Five Forces Model

Session 16

Internal Analysis:Importance of Organization's Capabilities

Analysis of Internal Environment-converted

Session 17

Session 18

Session 19 & 20

Core Competency of a Corporation

Case Study of Timex Watch Company,U.S.A.

Core competency-converted

Session 21

Value Chain Analysis

Session 22 & 23

Formulation of Competitive Strategies:Porter's Generic Competitive Strategies
Implementing Competitive Strategies-Offensive and Defensive moves


Session 24 & 25

Formulating Corporate Strategies:Strategies of Growth,Stability and Retrenchment

Corporate Strategy-converted

Session 26 & 27

Growth Strategies:

Concentrated Growth,Product Development


International Expansion

Session 28 & 29

Case Study on Proctor & Gamble

Session 30 & 31

Renewal Strategies:

Retrenchment & Turnaround Strategies

Fundamentals of  Mergers & Acquisitions

Session 32 & 33

Portfolio Analysis:BCG Matrix,GE Matrix

Session 34 & 35

Portfolio Analysis of Maruti Suzuki India

Session 36

Strategic Gap Analysis

Session 37 & 38

Strategy Implementation:Repositioning the Organization

Session 39 & 40

Strategy Implementation and Strategy Change

Case Studies

Case Studies

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