Camera and Editing for TV


Dr. Chinu Bohidar


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Camera and Editing for TV


Code (Credit): CUTM 1272 (0-3-3) 

Course Objective:

  • This course teaches the technical skills and creative principles
    required for single camera ('film style') video field shooting and post production
  • The student will gain experience planning, shooting and editing
    entertainment- and/or information-based video projects
  • The course will provide hands-on skills in audio, video recording technology, composition, lighting and editing

Course Outcome:

  • Improve skills in contemporary video technology and operation of cameras, audio, lighting and other television production equipment
  • Achieve critical appreciation for the aesthetics of sound and image production
  • Improve literacy in film and video, including shot composition and continuity editing
  • Develop or improve skills in digital nonlinear post-production 

Course Syllabus:

Module- I 


  • Camera Structure
  • Different Lenses and their Characteristics
  • Camera Perspective & Movement
  • Operating Techniques

Module: II 

TV Lighting Equipment and Techniques

  • Fundamental Lighting Concepts
  • Types of Lights
  • Studio Lighting Procedures
  • Lighting Objectives

Module: III 

Pictorial Elements

  • Concept of Pictorial Design
  • Sets and Graphics
  • Scene Elements
  • Use of Graphic Design

Module: IV


  • Introduction to Video Editing
  • Broadcast stages of Video Editing
  • Timeline Video Editing

Session Plan

Session: 1

How a Camera works ?

Video:  All about a Video Camera

Session: 2

Structure and different parts of a latest Video Camera

Video: Different Parts of Video Camera

Session: 3

Practice : Recognize each parts of studio camera and its features.

Session: 4

Project: Prepare a project with each parts and its features of a video camera

Session: 5

Different types of Camera Lens and their Characteristics

Video:Basics of Lens

Session: 6

practice: Take different types of shorts in different Camera lens

Session: 7

Camera Prospective and Movements

Video: Basic Camera Angles

Session: 8

Practice: The Basics of Camera Shot

Session: 9

Project: Submit a project on Different Camera Movement of max 1 Min

Session: 10

Camera Basic Techniques

Video: Shoot like a Pro

Session: 11

Basic Lighting Techniques

Video:Basics of Three point Light

Session: 12

Practice: Light setting in Studio setup

Session: 13

Project: Produce still pics using three point lighting

Session: 14

Different types of lights in Cinematography

Video: Lights

Session: 15

Quality of Light

Video: Hard and Soft Light and the Quality

Session: 16

Practice: Still and Video footage using hard and soft light

Session: 17

Project: Submit Still images using hard and soft light setup

Session: 18

Cinematic Lighting Techniques

Video: Direction/ Colour/ Quality/ Quantity

Session: 19

Practice: Do various experiments with your mobile, DSLR or Video camera

Session: 20

Project: Submit a project using camera in different direction and angle

Session: 21

Use of Green screen in Studio

Video: Chroma key

Session: 22

Use of Virtual Graphics in Studio Setup

Video:TV Virtual Studio

Session: 23

Practice: Chroma Key setup inside studio

Session: 24

Introduction to video Editing Part -1

Video:Video Editing in Premier Pro cc

Session: 25

Video Editing Part- 2

Video: Premiere Pro

Session: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

Practice: Video Editing with Premier Pro

Session: 32, 33

Project: make a video project using Premier Pro software with rough cuts

Session: 34, 35

Project: Submit a video projects using Premier Pro with effects

Session: 36

Project: Submit a project using Premier project using Back Ground Music (BGM)

Session: 37

Project: Submit a audio project. Give voice over, use BGM and effects

Session: 38

Project: Submit a video project using premier pro with your voice and visuals

Session: 41

Practice: Multi Camera Live Streaming Editing in studio set up

Our Main Teachers

Dr. Chinu Bohidar

Assistant Professor

Ms. Chinu Bohidar, Assistant Professor, School of Media and Communication presently pursuing Ph.D in Journalism and Mass Communication from Berhampur University ( Already submitted the thesis). She has more than 5 years of experience in the field of TV Journalism. She has worked as field reporter, Bulletin Producer and as news Anchor in the leading […]