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Code(Credit) : CUTM1435(3-1-0).

Course Description

Dairy farming is one such agricultural activity which is part of your eco-system. Milk is essential for life. Everyday morning / evening one can pour / supply milk to get payment for market place. The cow dung and urine also goes back to farming system. Animals also help in agricultural activity as well. When one looks at dairy farming in India, the success that million of farmers achieved under Operation Flood Programme ( white revolution ) and thereafter with strong milk and milk product brands like AMUL, Mother Dairy etc in the organised sector, this proves the facts that dairying still one of the most sought after business activity.

Eligibility: Minimum Qualification required to get into this program is 10+2

Prerequisite: Before joining the program a student must have moderate knowledge regarding rearing of dairy animals and little knowledge regarding dairy farm and its operation techniques.

Duration of the course: One-month training and 15 days' practice

Key highlights: After getting the certification a student will be able to establish his/her own dairy farm and also will be able to get managerial posts in different dairy farms across the country.

Course Objectives

1. Imparting knowledge and technical proficiency in Dairy Farm Management Practices, Animal Health management, Fodder Production and Clean Milk Production.

2. Development of the necessary human resource for dairy farming system on scientific lines and encouraging entrepreneurs among the youth for self-employment through Dairy Farming

Learning Outcomes

Establishment and effective management of a Dairy Farm.

Course Syllabus

Module-1 Introduction

Introduction to Dairy Farming, Different Breeds of cattle, General Anatomy

Module-2 Hose and Housing Management for Dairy Animals

Construction of Model Dairy House, Types of Housing, Different Managemental Parameters, Winter Management, Summer Management

Module-3 Feeds and Feeding strategies for Dairy Animals

Feedstuffs available for livestock, Roughages, Concentrates, Energy rich concentrates, Protein rich concentrates, Mineral Supplements, Vitamin Supplements, Feed additives, Feeding management, Calves Feeding, Feeding of adults, Feeding of pregnant dairy animals, Feeding pregnant heifer

Module-4 Health Management for Dairy Animals

Common Bacterial, Protozoal, Helminth and Viral Diseases, Parasitic Infestation, Vaccination, Biosecurity

Reference Books

1. The Veterinary Books for Dairy Farmers by Roger W. Blowey.
2. Hand Book of Dairy Farming by Board Eiri.

Session Plan


Introduction to Dairy Farming

Introduction to Dairy Farming video


Different Breeds of Dairy Animals

Different Breeds of Dairy Animals video


Anatomy and Physiology of Dairy Animals

Session 3- Anatomy and Physiology of Dairy Animals ppt


Practice-1, Dairy Farm Visit


Site Selection for Housing of Dairy Animals



Factors to be considered while designing a livestock farm

Session_6_Dairy Farming ppt


Designing the animal building for production and product control

Session_7_Dairy Farming ppt


Preparation of Housing Plan

Session_8_Dairy Farming ppt




Practice-2 Visit to a fodder field



Session_11_Dairy Farming-ppt


Housing of Animals

Session-12- Housing System-ppt


Feed stuffs available for Dairy animals

Session 13-Feed stuffs available for Dairy animals ppt


Feeding Animals of Different Age

Session 14-Feeding Animals of Different Age ppt


Health Management of Dairy Animals

Session 15-Health Management of Dairy Animals ppt

Our Main Teachers

Assistant professor, Department of Biochemistry and Plant Physiology, MS Swaminathan School of Agriculture, Centurion University of Technology and Management, Paralakhemundi Campus, Odisha, India