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Course Name: Dairy Plant Operation
Code(Credit): (3-1-0)

Course Objectives

1. This certification course on dairy, food process and product technology will be of great help in becoming food scientists and technologists for the students as well as for the common milk growers who want to take their venture to new heights with technical soundness.
2. The course explains in great detail the basic principles and methods of milk processing and preservation.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this certificate course, learners are expected to learn:

1. Various preservation techniques relevant in the dairy industry.
2. Food additives and their significance in maintaining the nutritional quality of milk and other dairy products.
3. New processing and preservation technologies in the dairy industry and the challenges faced.
4. Food laws and International standards for food safety.

Course Syllabus
Compositional analysis of milk, Introduction, Physico-Chemical Properties of Milk, Milk- Constituents, Amino Acids, Milk Protein, Other Constituents of Milk, Whey Protein, Carbohydrates in Milk, Small constituents of Milk.

Milk Quality, Enzymes in Milk, Chemical and Microbial Spoilage of Milk, Milk Products, Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors for Microbial Growth, Natural or other types of Spoilage.

Emerging Technologies used in the Dairy Industry, Milk Centrifugation, Pasteurization, Pasteurization Effectiveness, Homogenization, Membrane Filtration, Concentration and Separation Technology, Unit operations, Filtration, Evaporation, Drying for dairy products, Milk Packaging and Cleaning techniques for unit operations.

Session Plan

Session 2

Properties of milk

Properties of milk-PPT

Session 3

Constituents of milk and their composition-I

Constituents of milk and their composition-I-PPT

Facts about Milk Constituents_Video

Session 4

Constituents of milk and their composition-II

Constituents of milk and their composition-II-PPT

Session 5


Session 6

Spoilage of milk and dairy products-I

Spoilage of milk and dairy products-I-PPT

Session 7

Spoilage of milk and dairy products-II

Spoilage of milk and dairy products-II-PPT
Spoilage in Milk_Video

Session 8

Factors affecting microbial growth in milk

Factors affecting microbial growth in milk-PPT

Session 9

Factors affecting milk composition

Factors affecting milk composition-PPT

Session 10


Session 11

Processing technology in dairy industry-I

Dairy Product Manufacturing Miniplant

Session 12


Session 13

Processing technology in dairy industry-II

Dairy Product Manufacturing Miniplant

Session 14


Session 15

Milk packaging and cleaning techniques

Session 16


Session 17


Our Main Teachers

Mr.U.L.Devakumar,V.T.Course (LVPEI,HYD),D.O.A.,B.Optometry. 15 Years experience as an Optometrist and trainer