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Course Name : Cloud Practitioner

Code(Credit) : CUTM1025(0-2-0)

Course Objectives

  • Understanding fundamentals of Cloud and its basic infrastructure
  • Learn about account management, billing and pricing
  • Acquire knowledge on security model and compliance concepts
  • Learn how to use different core services of Cloud

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain AWS cloud values and Implement different policies using its services
  • Analyze and manage billing and pricing used for the resources
  • Design and deployment of different applications using its services
  • Leads to the next level of preparation i.e. Associate and Professional level

NOTE: It is mandatory for the students to clear AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Examination

Course Syllabus

Module I:  Overview of Cloud Concepts and Billing                                       (4 HRS)

Overview of Cloud Computing, Advantages of the Cloud, Overview of AWS, AWS Organizations, Fundamentals of Pricing, Total Cost of Ownership, Simple Monthly Calculator, AWS Billing & Cost Management, Billing Dashboard, AWS Whitepapers & Documentations


  • Exploring AWS Billing Dashboard
  • Set up budget alarm
  • Consolidated Billing

Module II:  Cloud Security                                                                                (4 HRS)

AWS Global Infrastructure, AWS Management Console, AWS Services & Service Categories, AWS Shared Responsibility Model, Cloud Security,  AWS Identity and Access Management, Securing Accounts, Securing Data, Working to Ensure Compliance.


  • Setup account for AWS console management
  • Exploring services of AWS
  • Configuring AWS IAM
  • Securing AWS Account

Module III:  Networking and Content Delivery                                                (5 HRS)

Networking Basics, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, VPC Security, Build Your VPC and Launch a Web Server, Amazon Route53, Content Delivery Networks, Edge Location, Amazon CloudFront


  • Create a Virtual Private Cloud
  • Configure Route53
  • Application of CloudFront in S3

Module IV:  Compute Services                                                                         (5 HRS)

Overview of Compute Services, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon EC2 versus Managed Services, Amazon EC2 Cost Optimization, Container Services, AWS Lambda, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk


  • Launch an EC2 instance
  • Writing AWS Lambda function
  • Deploy code using Amazon Beanstalk


Module V:  Storage Services and Databases                                                      (4 HRS)

AWS Elastic Block Store, Configuring EBS, AWS Simple Storage service, AWS S3 Glacier, Amazon Relational Database Service, Build a Database Server, Amazon Aurora , Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift.


  • Creating Buckets using S3
  • Static website hosting using S3
  • Creating Database using DynamoDB
  • Creating database using RDS
  • Configuring Redshift 

Module VI:  Cloud Architecture                                                                             (4 HRS)

Cloud Architecture, AWS Well-Architected Framework Design Principles, Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability and High Availability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, AWS Trusted Advisor


  • Well Architected framework design
  • Implementing Cost optimization
  • Application of AWS Trusted Advisor

Module VII:  Auto Scaling and Load Balancing                                                     (4 HRS)

AWS Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon CloudWatch, Scale and Load Balance your Architecture, AWS Simple Notification Service and Simple Queue service.


  • Configure AWS Auto scaling
  • Application of Load Balancing
  • Implementing AWS CloudWatch
  • Setup SNS email using CloudWatch

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Session Plan

Session 1

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

AWS services and service category

Session 8

Session 11

Session 13

Session 15

Amazon EC2 Cost Optimization

Session 16

Session 18

Session 22

Session 23

AWS Well-Architected Framework Design Principles

Session 24

Session 25

Session 26

Session 27

Session 28

AWS Elastic Load Balancing

Session 29

Session 30

Setup SNS email CloudWatch

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