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Course Name : COMMUNICATION SKILLS (Practical)


Code(Credit) : BPH11P(0-2-0)

Course Objectives

Students will attain the soft skills set to work cohesively with the team as a team player and will add value to the pharmaceutical business.

Learning Outcomes

Develop skills to face interviews
Develop essentials of leadership qualities

Course Syllabus

Basic communication covering the following topics
Meeting People
Asking Questions
Making Friends
What did you do?

Do’s and Don'ts
Pronunciations covering the following topics
Pronunciation (Consonant Sounds)
Pronunciation and Nouns
Pronunciation (Vowel Sounds)
Advanced Learning
Listening Comprehension / Direct and Indirect Speech
Figures of Speech
Effective Communication
Writing Skills
Effective Writing
Interview Handling Skills
E-Mail etiquette
Presentation Skills


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Session Plan

Experiment 1

Basic communication skills

Experiment 2

Pronunciation (Consonant Sounds)

Experiment 3

Pronunciation and Nouns

Experiment 4

Pronunciation (Vowel Sounds)

Experiment 5

Advanced Learning on Listening Comprehension / Direct and Indirect Speech

Experiment 6

Advanced Learning on effective Communication

Experiment 7

Advanced Learning on Writing Skills

Experiment 8

Advanced Learning on Interview Handling Skills

Experiment 9

Advanced Learning on  E-Mail etiquette

Experiment 10

Advanced Learning on Presentation Skills

Case Studies

Case Studies

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