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Dr. G. Arun Manohar


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Course Name : Computer Aided Drafting

Code(Credit) : CUTM1075 (0-2-1)

Course Objectives

  • Students will learn
    • how to create simple parts, assemblies and drawings.
    • how to use different feature-based tools to build, review and modify a model.
    • how to create and analyze assemblies and how to produce a drawing with different views.
    • learn how to dimension the drawing and annotate the views.

Learning Outcomes

  • • Students will be able to use CATIA for creation of 3D models, Assembly Designs and Drawings

Course Syllabus

Module I: Sketcher - Creating Profiles (2 hrs)
PLM Objects, Sketch Support, Simple elements, constraining sketches, simple and complex profiles, transforming sketches, saving documents

Practice-1 : Hands on Session on Sketcher Workbench

Module II: Part Design -Creating Basic Features (5 hrs)
Extruded Features, revolved features, holes, threads, taps, drafts, fillets, chamfers, shelling and stiffeners, relational dimensions,

Practice-2 : Hands on Session on Sketch Based Features & Dress Up Features

Practice-3: Hands on Session on Transformation Features

Module III: Reviewing & Modifying (2 hrs)
Measuring the model, re using the data, editing features

Practice-4: Hands on Session on Measuring Tools & Editing Features

Module IV: Finalizing Design (5 hrs)
Adding parameters, reusing features, rendering, weight calculation,

Practice-5: Hands on Session on Parametric Design

Practice-6: Hands on Session on Rendering, Material Addition

Module V: Creating & Managing Products 6 (hrs)
Positioning Components, constraining Components, Analyzing weight distribution, replacing and revising parts

Practice-7: Hands on Session on Assembly Design

Practice-8 : Hands on Session on Digital Mock Up

Module VI: Creating Drawings 4 (hrs)
Creating Drawing, Modifying, dimensioning, Annotations, Finalizing & Printing

Practice-9 : Hands on Session on  Drawing Conventions

Practice-10: Hands on Session on Creating Drawings

Module VII: Master Exercise (5 hrs)
Heat Sink , PC Card Slide

Practice-11 : Modeling of Heat Sink

Practice-12: Modeling and Assembly of PC card Slide

Text Books/ Reference Books/ Reference Material
1. Mechanical Design Fundamentals : Dassault Systemes Companion Learning Space Material

Session Plan

Session 1

What is Design                                       

What is CAD                                            

Introduction to 3D Experience               

Demonstration on Sketcher Workbench


Exercises on Sketcher from DS Peer Learning Platform

Session 2

Demonstration on Sketch based Features                   

Exercises from DS Peer Learning Platform

Session 3

Demonstration on Dress up & Transformation Features

Exercises from DS Peer Learning Platform

Session -4

Demonstration on Advanced Part design        

Use of Measuring & Reviewing Tools

Exercises from DS Peer Learning Platform

Session -5

Demonstration on Parametric Design            

Exercises from DS Peer Learning Platform


Demonstration on Rendering                     

Demonstration on Material Creation        

Demonstration on Assigning Material      

Hands on Session on Rendering & Material Addition


Demonstration on Assembly Design                           

Exercises from DS Peer Learning Platform


Demonstration on Digital Mock Up                             

Exercises from DS Peer Learning Platform

Session -9

Session on Engineering Drawing Conventions                     

Session 10

Demonstration on Creating a Drafting                                  

Exercises from DS Peer Learning Platform

Session -11  Master Project-1

Modeling of Heat Sink  (Source: DS Peer Learning Platform)

  • Model must be made of Aluminium
  • Dark Yellow Rendering
  • Overall Width and Length must be Equal
  • Model must Include Standard Catalog Features
  • Hole Diameter must be checked using Rule Set

Session -12    Master Project-2

Assembly of PC-Card Slide  (Source : DS Peer Learning Platform)

  • Insert PLM Objects
  • Assign Component Properties
  • Re-Order Structure
  • Loading & Unloading objects from Session
  • Copying & Pasting Components
  • Accessing Design  Data
  • Opening Objects Independently
  • Selective Loading
  • Create Product

Case Studies

RC CAR      (Source: DS Peer Learning Platform - Mechanical Design)

  • Create Engine Mount Using Feature Based Modeling
  • Review and Correct Part
  • Include Parameters to drive Design
  • Engine Assembly
  • Engine Assembly Drawing

Case Studies

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Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering                                                                                                        […]