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Cropping System and Sustainable Agriculture

Cropping System and Sustainable Agriculture




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Course Name – Cropping System and Sustainable Agriculture


Credit – 2(2+0+0)

Course Objective – To acquaint the students about prevailing cropping systems in the country and practices to improve their productivity.

Course Outcome – Course Outcomes: On completion of this course, the successful students should be able to:

CO Statements
CO-1 Ensure targeting of inputs and outputs by adoption of various cropping systems
CO-2 Adopt feasible cropping systems and sustainable methods of crop production
CO-3 Understand importance and application of recycling of natural resources in agriculture

PSO-Program specific outcomes- M.Sc Ag

PSO1 : Impart knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts and techniques of maintaining and enhancing soil fertility, crop production, crop management, crop improvement, biodiversity and sustainability of agriculture worldwide.

PSO2 : Develop the ability to know farming practices and their scope to improve in the rural areas and the environments.

PSO3 : Apply knowledge of basic science through Agricultural microbiology, Plant biochemistry and Biotechnology.

PSO4 : Apply knowledge of Agri-business management and finance to develop profitable agricultural system.



Cropping systems: definition, indices and its importance; physical resources, soil and water management in cropping systems; assessment of land use. Concept of sustainability in cropping systems and farming systems, scope, and objectives; production potential under monoculture cropping, multiple cropping, alley cropping, sequential cropping and intercropping, mechanism of yield advantage in intercropping systems. Above and below ground interactions and allelopathic effects; competition relations; multi-storeyed cropping and yield stability in intercropping, role of non- monetary inputs and low-cost technologies; research need on sustainable agriculture, Crop diversification for sustainability; role of organic matter in maintenance of soil fertility; crop residue management; fertilizer use efficiency and concept of fertilizer use in intensive cropping system. Advanced nutritional tools for big data analysis and interpretation. Plant ideotypes for drylands; plant growth regulators and their role in sustainability.

Reference –

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Session Plan

Session 1. Cropping system and cropping pattern

Youtube link:


Session 2: Types of cropping system

Youtube link :


Session 3: Yield potential assessment

Youtube Link


Session 4: Intercropping 1

Youtube Link


Session 5: Intercropping 2

Youtube link


Session 6: Sustainable agriculture 1

Youtube link:


Session 7: Sustainable agriculture 2

Youtube Link:


Session plan 8: Nutrient Use Efficiency

Youtube link :



Session plan 9: Fertilizer use efficiency

Youtube Link :


Session plan 10 : Allelopathy

Youtube Link :


Session plan 11: Non monetary inputs of agriculture

Youtube link:


Session plan 12: Non monetary 2

Youtube link :


Materials :

CSSA 23-25Cost_minimization

CSSA1-2 Introduction

CSSA3-4 Terminology and cropping system


CSSA5-6_Competitive ability







CSSA31_Plant Ideotype




E-Material- Online_material_CSSA

Assignments –

  1. Prevalent Cropping systems in India
  2. Review on soil quality in Rice-Wheat cropping system
  3. Impact of socio-economic condition on cropping system
  4. Impact of socio-economic condition on sustainable agriculture

Our Main Teachers

Sagar Maitra

Associate Professor

Present Position Associate Professor (Agronomy),MSSSoA, CUTM Mobile: 91-8910889401 , E-mail: [email protected] Education PhD (Agronomy) Work Experience Dr. Sagar Maitra (b 1969), a Doctorate in Agronomy, specialization in crop husbandry engaged in research activities on cropping system, nutrient management of field crops, crop physiology, precision agriculture (IoT based crop monitoring and management in forced ventilated polyhouse) […]