CUTM1636 Crime Scene Management and Forensic Physics CUTM 1636 (0-2-0)


A Avinash


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This Course will coverĀ  the types of crime scene, management of crime scene along with various types of prints and voice analysis.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Concept of types of crime scene, management of crime scene
  • Types of physical evidences
  • Types analysis of tool marks
  • Speaker identification
  • Types prints and impressions

Course Syllabus


Crime scene management:

Introduction to the crime scene, Types of crime scene, Evaluation and processing of crime scene, Securing the scene of crime, Documenting the crime scene( Note making, Sketching, Photography ,videography of crime scene), role of the first arriving officer at the crime scene Digital Imaging of Crime Scene, 3-D scanning technique Searching techniques of Crime scene, Processing of physical evidence-discovering, recognizing and examination of physical evidences Collection, Safety measures for evidence collection Preservation, Packaging, sealing, labeling and forwarding of physical evidences, Maintaining the chain of custody, Probative value of physical evidences, Reconstruction of scene of crime. Introduction to physical evidences, Types of physical evidences, Classification and Role of physical evidences in Criminal Investigations & Trails.

Advances in crime scene management:

Tele forensic Technology for crime scene investigation Information, Manpower, and logistics management of crime scene Mobile kits and equipments, their utility on crime scene Technology innovation in crime scene management Case studies & report writing of crime scene visits National and International scenario of crime scene management

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A Avinash

Asst Professor

A.Avinash working as Assistant Professor, Dept of CSE, Centurion University of Technology and Management, Andhra Pradesh . Interested to work on Machine learning,Natural Language Processing,Problem Solving Methodologies , and ChatBot. Programming Skill: C Programming Data Structure Object Oriented Programming using C++ Formal Language Automata Theory Python Web Development(HTML,CSS,PHP) Database Management Systems Compilers