Drug store and business management (Theory)- D. Pharmacy


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Course Name : Drug store and business management (Theory)- D. Pharmacy

Code(Credit) : DCPY1205(3-0-0)

Course Objectives

  • Assess the overall level of progress in the pharmacy and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Methods of determining the average annual or monthly pharmacy expenses and setting them.
  • Knowledge of procedures related to the profession.
  • Objective and moral value of entering the labor market and the aim of the pharmacy project.
  • Methods and methods of assessing conditions and needs such as the needs of the pharmacist’s market
  • Substantial differences between pharmacy management and warehouse management
  • Technical inventory methods for monthly sales, inputs and outputs.

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of the syllabus the students are able to know about,

  • Practical steps in solving the problems of the management of pharmacies and drug stores.
  • Set up their own business in the pharmaceutical sector and Create the concepts learned into personal practice focusing on professionalism
  • Know about the Legal requirement to open a drug store
  • Know the concept of accounting
  • Sales promotion
  • Stock management

Course Syllabus

MODULE I - Commerce

Introduction- Trade, Industry and commerce, Functions and subdivision of commerce, Introduction to Elements for Economics and Management. Forms of Business Organizations. Channels of Distribution.

Drug House Management-selection of site, space Lay-out and legal requirements. Importance and objectives of purchasing, selection of suppliers, credit information, tenders, contracts and price determination and legal requirements thereto.Codification, handling of drug stores and other hospital supplies. Inventory Control-objects and importance, modern techniques like ABC,VED analysis, the lead time, inventory carrying cost, safety stock, minimum and maximum stock levels, economic order quantity, scrap and surplus disposal.

Sales - promotion, Market Research, Salesmanship, qualities of a salesman, Advertising and Window Display.

Recruitment, training- evaluation and compensation of the pharmacist.

Banking and Finance-Service and functions of bank, Finance planning and sources of finance.

MODULE II -Accountancy

Introduction to the accounting - concepts and conventions. Double entry Book Keeping, Different kinds of accounts.

Cash Book.

General Ledger and Trial Balance.

Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.

Simple techniques of analyzing financial statements.

Introduction to Budgeting.


Remington's pharmaceutical sciences

Drug store business management- Mohammed Ali and Jyoti Gupta

Session Plan

Session 1

Session 3

commerce and trade , aids to trade


Session 7

Session 8

public , co- operative society and state enterprises


Session 9

channel of distribution, advantages and factors, direct selling


Session 10

types of channel distribution- indirect selling, mail order business


Session 14

layout plan and legal requirements for drug store


Session 15

Session 16

Session 18

price determination and calculation of retail price


Session 20

handling of drug stores and other hospital supplies


Session 22

Session 23

economics order quantity and scrap and surplus disposal

scrap and disposal

Session 24

inventory carrying cost, safety stock, minimum and maximum stock levels


Session 25

Session 27

Session 28

Session 29

advertisement of pharmaceutical products


Session 32

Session 43

Session 51

trading account

trading account

Session 52

Simple techniques of analyzing financial statements- part 1


Session 53

Simple techniques of analyzing financial statements- part 2


Session 54

Session 55

Case Studies

Case Studies

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