Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication


Dr. Satarupa Modak


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Course Name : Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication

Code(Credit) : ASEE3103 (1+1+0)

Course Objectives

  • To familiarize the students understand with key concepts and processes in entrepreneurship and business development.
  • To provide context to the processes in the form of differences between small and large firms, and the economic environment.
  • To introduce key debates around entrepreneurship and small businesses.

Learning Outcomes

  • This course makes able to develop entrepreneurial competencies among students
  • From the course, students may learn about the principles to develop an Enterprise or any  business unit

Course Syllabus


Concept of Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship Development, Characteristics of entrepreneurs; Assessment of entrepreneurship skills, SWOT Analysis & achievement motivation

Entrepreneurial behavior, Government policy and programs and institutions for entrepreneurship development, Entrepreneurial Development Process;

Business Leadership Skills; Communication skills for entrepreneurship development, Developing organizational skill , Developing Managerial skills, Problem solving skill

Time management; Supply chain management and Total quality management, Project Planning Formulation and report preparation; Opportunities for entrepreneurship and rural entrepreneurship.


Assessing entrepreneurial potential, problem solving ability, managerial skills and achievement motivation, exercise in creativity, time audit, preparation of business plan and proposal writing, visit to entrepreneurship development institute and entrepreneurs.

Suggested Readings

Khanka, S.s. 1999. Entrepreneurship Development.S.Chand and Co., New Delhi.

SagarMondal and Ray, G.L. 2003. Text Book of Entrepreneurship and Rural Development. Kalyani Publishers, Ludhiana.

Session Plan

Session 1

Entrepreneur:  Concept, Meaning, Functions of Entrepreneurship


1. entrepreneur,

 2. entrepreneurship

Suggested Reading: S.S. Khanka book on Entrepreneurship Development pp. 1-17

Session 2

Entrepreneurial competencies


entrepreneurial competencies

Suggested Reading: S.S.Khanka book on Entrepreneurship Developmen


Session 7

Government policy and programs and institutions for entrepreneurship development 

Suggested Reading from the book of S.S. Khanka from pp- 143-151 &160-169

Session 8

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

Notes: Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

Suggested Readings: SS Khanka book of Entrepreneurship Development, pp. 61-67

Session 10

Session 12

Session 13

Session 14

Total quality management

Notes: tqm-170101090740

Suggested Reading from the book of S.S. Khanka pp.290-296

Session 15

Project Planning Formulation

Report preparation

Suggested Reading from the book of S.S. Khanka pp- 88-101

Session 17

Rural Entrepreneurship

Suggested Reading from the book of S.S. Khanka pp.24-32

Session 18 (Practical)

Session 20 (Practical)

Session 23 (Practical)

Session 24 (Practical)

Preparation of proposal writing

follow : the book of S.S. Khanka 'Entrepreneurship Development' from pp 93- 96

Session 25 (Practical)

Visit entrepreneurship development institute and entrepreneurs

Suggest reading before visiting any entrepreneurial firm

Question Bank

questions bank - Set 1

Our Main Teachers

Dr. Satarupa Modak completed Ph.D from Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal during 2019, involved in three months PG internship programme of MANAGE, Hyderabad in 2017; qualified ASRB-NET in 2016; completed M.Sc (Agricultural Extension) from Anand Agricultural University, Gujarat in 2014; B.Sc (Agri) from Central Agricultural University, Imphal in 2012. Worked as Watershed Development Team Member […]