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Course Name : Environmental Science

Code(Credit) : CUTM1010(0-0-2)

Course Objectives

  • • To understand the concept of multi-disciplinary nature of Environmental Science where different aspects are dealt with a holistic approach.
    • Students will develop a sense of community responsibility by becoming aware of environmental issues in the larger social context.
    • One must be environmentally educated.

Learning Outcomes

  • • Understand the natural environment and its relationships with human activities.
    • Characterize and analyse human impacts on the environment.
    • Integrate facts, concepts and methods from multiple disciplines and apply to environmental problems.
    • Design and evaluate strategies, technologies and methods for sustainable management of environmental systems and for the remediation or restoration of degraded environments.

Course Syllabus

Environment and its multidisciplinary nature; Need for public awareness; Renewable and non -renewable resources–forest, water, mineral, land, food and energy resources; Structure and function of ecosystems of forest, grass land, desert and aquatic types.

Biodiversity and its conservation: Biodiversity at global, national and local levels; Threats to biodiversity -Habitat loss; wild life poaching and man-wildlife conflicts; Endangered and endemic species; conservation measures. Causes, effects and control measures of pollution, air, water and noise pollution; nuclear hazards; solid-waste management
–Causes, effects and control measures; Management of disasters due to natural causes of floods, earthquakes, cyclones and landslides.

Social issues and the environment; Sustainable environment, Water conservation measures; Rain water harvesting; Resettlement and rehabilitation of people; Climate change and global warming; Acid rain; Ozone layer depletion; water land reclamation; Consumerism and waste products; Features of Environment Protection Act, Air pollution and Control of Pollution Acts; Water Pollution and its Control Act. Effects of Pollution explosion on environment and public health; Need for value education to Protect environment and resources.

Text Book:
1. Anubhav Kaushik & C.P. Kaushik: Environmental Studies -New age International Publishers.

Reference Books:
1. Benny Joseph: Environmental Studies -Tata Mac Graw Hill
2. E. Bharucha: Text book of Environmental Studies for under graduate courses–
Universities Press. (Book prepared by UGC Committee).

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