Finance Domain: Financial Analysis and Visualization


Dr. Pramod Kumar Patjoshi


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Course Name : Financial Analysis and Visualization


Code(Credit) : CUFM2356(1+0+3)



Course Objectives

  • To equip the students with various concepts, tools, and techniques Data Visualization Principles for Dashboard Design.
  • To provide a thorough understanding and techniques of visualization of financial analysis for dashboard design in excel and tableau based on financial data that can meet managerial and business needs.
  • Create compelling, interactive dashboards to combine several visualizations into a cohesive for financial analysis.


Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand and describe the main concepts of data visualization
  • Understand the best practices of data visualization and how to apply them to solve analytics problems
  • .LO3. Create ad-hoc reports, data visualizations, and dashboards in Tableau

Course Syllabus

Module: I

Data Visualization Principles for Dashboard Design:

Data Visualization: Principles and Types of Data Visualization

Dashboard: Meaning, purpose and benefits of dashboards, understanding dashboard design principles, layout, colour and display, common issue when building dashboards, choosing the right data visualization to communicate information effectively, displaying trends with charts. CFO Scorecard, Types of Dashboards: Business Dashboards, Management Dashboard, Strategic Dashboard, Analytical Dashboard, Operational Dashboard. Create a Dashboard based on real-time data: Practice Dashboard Design in Excel and Tableau with Graphs.

Module: II

Visualization of Financial Statement Analysis for Dashboard Design:

Preparation of different Dashboard with visualization of Financial Statement Analysis: Financial Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard, Profit and Loss Dashboard, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Dashboard, Financial Performance Dashboard, Balance Sheet Dashboard, The Right Business Dashboards for every Users. Preparation of Dashboard for Financial Data Comparison Analysis: Development Trend Analysis and Key Financial Analysis. Project on preparation of the above with Excel and Tableau

Module: III

Visualization of Corporate Finance for Dashboard Design:

Preparation of different Dashboard with visualization of Corporate Finance: Financial Investment Dashboard, Funds Raising Dashboard, Components of Working Capital Dashboard, Dividend Dashboard, Cash Management Dashboard, CFO Dashboard, Project on preparation of the above with Excel and Tableau

Module: IV

Visualization of Stock Market for Dashboard Design: Visualizing Company Profits, Visualizing by Sector, Financial results by business segment in a Small Multiples Dashboard, KPI & Sparkline in Stock dashboard, Top PerformerStock Performance dashboard, PE ratio, Investment Returns, Investment Summary, Investment Comparisons, Stock Dividend Tracker, Stock Market Dashboard - Trend Analysis of Stock Performance, Dashboard for comparing Rates of Return, Security’s Rate of Return, Portfolio of Securities' Rate of Return, Security’s Risk, Project on preparation of the above with Excel and Tableau.

Text Book:

  • Visualizing Financial Data by Julie Rodriguez and Piotr Kaczmarek, Wiley Publication

 Reference Book:

  • Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic: Wiley Publication

Session 3, 4

Session 18, 19, 20

Data Visualization Best Practices (Students’ Project)

Session 21, 22, 23

Data Visualization: 7 Steps for Effective Visualizations (Students’ Project)

Session 24, 25, 26

Session 33, 34, 35

Key Capabilities of a Financial Dashboard (Students’ Project)

Session 36, 37, 38

Session 39, 40, 41

MONTHLY FINANCIALS Accounts Payable & Receivable (Students’ Project)

Session 42, 43

Session 44, 45

Session 45, 46

Case Studies

Case Studies

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