Fish Processing and Value Addition


Dr Siba Prasad Parida


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Course Name : Fish processing and value addition

Code(Credit) : CUTM1448(3-1-0)

Learning -Objectives

    • To impart skill-based training to the students on different aspects of fish processing technologies related to production of value added quality fish products and their preservation

Learning Outcomes

    • Students learn how to preserve and process of fishery products and their value additions

Course syllabus

Module-1: Challenges to the Fish-Processing Industry
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Sustainability tools
1.3 The capture fishery
1.4 Contribution of aquaculture
1.5 Implications for the processing industry
Lab-1: How to make your own fishfood
Module-2: Canning Fish and Fish Products
2.1 Principles of canning
2.2 Packaging materials
2.3 Processing operations
2.4 Canning of specific species
lab-2: Dry fish preparation
Module-3: Preservation by Curing
3.1 Drying
3.2 Salting
3.3 Smoking
3.4 Post-harvest losses in fish smoking
lab-3: Fresh fish packing
Module-4: Freezing and Chilling of Fish and Fish Products
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Freezing systems
4.3 Environmental impact of freezing operations
lab-4: preparation of fish pickle
Module-5: Sustainability Impacts of Fish-Processing Operations
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Sustainability issues
5.3 Life cycle assessment
lab-5: field study report

Module-6: On-board Fish Processing
6.1 Introduction
6.2 On-board processing
6.3 Advantages of on-board processing
lab-6: field processing

Module-7: Fishmeal Production and Sustainability
7.1 Introduction
7.2 The fishmeal process
7.3 Sustainability issues
7. 4 Alternatives to fishmeal
lab-7: Related to theory

Session Plan

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Contribution of aquaculture

Session 5

Implications for the processing industry

Session 6

Practice 1How to make your own fishfood

Session 7

Session 8

Packaging materials

Session 9

Processing operations

Session 10

Canning of specific species

Session 11

Practice 2 Dry fish preparation

Session 13


Session 14


Session 15

Post-harvest losses in fish smoking

Session 16

Practice 3 Post-Fresh fish packing

Session 17

Introduction to freezing fish product

Session 18

Freezing systems

Session 19

Environmental impact of freezing operations

Session 20

Practice 4 Preparation of fish pickle

Session 21

Introduction to sustainability impact

Session 22

Sustainability issues

Session 23

Life cycle assessment

Session 24

Practice 5 Field study report/p>

Session 25

Introduction to processing

Session 26

On-board processing

Session 27

Advantages of on-board processing

Session 28

Practice 6 Field processing

Session 29

Introduction to fish meal production

Session 30

The fishmeal process

Session 31

Sustainability issues

Session 32

Alternatives to fishmeal

Session 33

Practice 7 Production of fishmeal

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