Fisheries Policy and Law


Mr. Avijit Biswas


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Course Title: Fisheries Policy and Law

Subject Code- FSEE 3203 (1-0-0)

Course Objectives

To know public administration, public administration, organization and Public enterprises-Current scenario and its importance.

To learn Laws and Policies related to the environment.

To learn International law of the sea.

Learning Outcomes

Student can learn the current scenario of fisheries sector.

Student can learn different Acts and Policies.

Student can know different Code of conduct for responsible fisheries.

Course Syllabus


Introduction to public administration, principles of organization and management of publicenterprise. Central and State responsibilities for fisheries development, organizational set up of fisheries administration at the Centre and state levels. Present relevance of past fisheries policies and recent policies in fisheries sector. Functions and powers of functionaries of department of fisheries, corporations and cooperatives. Different central and state level fisheries institutions. Role of Central and State Government in the regulatory activities of Aquaculture and fisheries. Implementation of community based resource management plans. Historical review of fisheries development and management in India and world. International agencies / organizations for promotion of fisheries worldwide.Fisheries legislation: Overview of fisheries and aquaculture legislations in India. Indian Fisheries Act, 1897. Environmental legislation; Water Act, Air Act and Environmental (Protection) Act. International environmental legislation and its impact on fisheries.Laws relating to conservation and management of fishery resources in marine and inland sectors. Recent changes in land reforms. Land reforms legislation as applicable to aquaculture. Judicial judgments relating to Aquaculture. Objectives, functions and authority of fishery regulatory agencies like Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) and Aquaculture Authority of India. Brackishwater aquaculture act, Marine fisheries policy, Laws relating to fish products and marketing. International Law of the Seas and international commissions on fisheries and their impact. Odisha Fisheries Policy


Reference book:

1. The fishery law-----by Sir Frederick Pollock

2. The Common Fisheries Policy: The Quest for Sustainability-------by Ernesto Penas Lado

Session Plan

Session 1 (Theory)

Introduction to Fisheries Administration and Legislation -Administrative set –up at the state Government



Session 2 (Theory)

Session 3 (Theory)

Session 4 (Theory)

Session 5 (Theory)

Session 6 (Theory)

Session 7 (Theory)

Session 8 (Theory)

Session 9 (Theory)

Session 10 (Theory)

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