Fish Immunology


Mr. Avijit Biswas


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Course Name : Fish Immunology

Code(Credit) : FSHM 2106(1-1-0)

Course Objectives

  • To develop knowledge among students about the fish's immune system.
  • To understand the Innate and adaptive immunosystem and its interaction with fish pathogens and responses to stimulation and vaccines.

Learning Outcomes

  • Student can able to understand different cells, organs which is associated with immune system.
  • They can able to understand Innate and adaptive immunity of fish and shellfish and vaccination techniques.

Course Syllabus


Introduction, brief history to immunology. Types of immunity: Innate and adaptive immunity, cell mediated and humoral immunity, cells and organs of the immune system. Antigens – structure and types. epitopes, haptenes.Antibody – fine structure, classes with structure and functions, antigenic determinants on immunoglobulins.MHC complex – types, structure, and functions.Antigen-antibody interactions- principle, antigenrecognition by B-cells and T cells.Antigen-antibody reaction - Precipittin reactions, agglutination reactions, Microorganisms associated with fishes in health and disease.Defense mechanism in finfish and shellfish- specific and non specific immune system.Pathogenicity and virulence.Sources of infection, transmission of disease producing organisms, portals of infection.Immunity to bacteria, fungi and parasites Role of stress and host defense mechanism in disease development.Vaccines - types of vaccines – whole cell vaccine, purified macromolecules, recombinant –vector, DNA vaccines and multivalent subunit vaccines, modes of vaccine administration.Serological methods in disease diagnosis.Immunostimulants –types, mechanism of action, modes of administration. Immunoassays, immunodiffusion, ELISA, immunofluorescence, neutralization, radioimmunoassay, serotyping


1. Collection, separation and identification of fish leucocytes.

2. Separation of blood plasma and serum.

3. Differential counting - RBC and WBC by Haemocytometer.

4. Study of different types of leukocytes and isolation of macrophages.

5. Precipitin reactions - Agglutination test,immunogel diffusion, double immuno diffusion, radial immuno diffusion assay, ELISA.

6. Methods of vaccine preparation and techniques of fish immunization.

Reference book:

  1. Fish and Shell fish immunology ---- P.Swain, P.K.Sahoo, S.Ayappan
  2. Prevention and control of fish and prawn diseases ----KP Biswas

Session Plan

Session 1 (Theory)

Session 2 (Theory)

Session 3 (Theory)

Session 4 (Theory)

Session 5 (Theory)

Session 6 (Theory)

Session 7 (Theory)

Session 8 (Theory)

Session 9 (Theory)

Session 10 (Theory)

Session 11 (Theory)

Session 12 (Theory)

Session 13 (Theory)

Session 14 (Theory)

Session 15 (Theory)

Session 16 (Theory)

Session 17 (Practical)

Session 18 (Practical)

Session 19 (Practical)

Differential counting - RBC and WBC by Haemocytometer (Neubauer Chamber)

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Session 20 (Practical)

Session 21 (Practical)

Session 22 (Practical)

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