Geoinformatics and Nano-technology for Precision Farming


Mr. Lalichetti Sagar


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Course Name : Geoinformatics and Nano-technology for Precision Farming

Code(Credit) : ASAG-3310(1-1-0)

Course Objectives

  • To introduce the basic concepts of geoinformatics and nanotechnology
  • To create awareness about various applications of geoinformatics and nanotechnology for precision agriculture
  • To teach basic handling of various geoinfomatic tools

Learning Outcomes

  • This course offers a good scope for students in skill development

Course Syllabus

Precision agriculture: concepts and techniques; their issues and concerns for Indian agriculture; Geo-informatics- definition, concepts, tool and techniques; their use in Precision Agriculture. Crop discrimination and Yield monitoring, soil mapping; fertilizer recommendation using geospatial technologies; Spatial data and their management in GIS; Remote sensing concepts and application in agriculture; Image processing and interpretation; Global positioning system (GPS), components and its functions; Introduction to crop Simulation Models and their uses for optimization of Agricultural Inputs; STCR approach for precision agriculture;Nanotechnology, definition, concepts and techniques, brief introduction about nanoscale effects,nano-particles, nano-pesticides, nano-fertilizers, nano-sensors, Use of nanotechnology in seed, water, fertilizer, plant protection for scaling-up farm productivity.

Introduction to GIS software, spatial data creation and editing. Introduction to image processing software. Visual and digital interpretation of remote sensing images. Generation of spectral profiles of different objects. Supervised and unsupervised classification and acreage estimation. Multispectral remote sensing for soil mapping. Creation of thematic layers of soil fertility based on GIS. Creation of productivity and management zones. Fertilizers recommendations based of VRT and STCR techniques. Crop stress (biotic/abiotic) monitoring using geospatial technology. Use of GPS for agricultural survey. Formulation, characterization and applications of nanoparticles in agriculture. Projects formulation and execution related to precision farming.

Reference Books

Geoinformatics and NanoTechnology for Precision Farming by SR Reddy

Textbook on Geo-informatics, Nanotechnology and Precision Farming by Tarun Kumar Upadhyay and Sushil Kumar Sharma

Geo-Informatics by A.M. Chandra

Session Plan

Session 1

Session 17

STCR approach for fertilizer recommendations

Slide: Soil Test Crop Response

Video: Soil Test Crop Response

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