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Course Name : Industrial Automation

Code(Credit) : ABC01(1-1-0)

Course Objectives

  • To teach the concept of Programmable Logic Controller and the application of the controllers.
  • To teach the concept of SCADA and Control system of Industries.
  • To teach the concept of Human Machine Interface system.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop skill of designing different PLC based control system.
  • Students will gain knowledge of PLC based wiring concept of panel as used in industries.
  • Students will gain knowledge of SCADA designing.
  • Students will develop skill of designing HMI based control system.

Course Syllabus

Basics of PLC:

Introduction: DC and AC sources and their generation; Rectifiers and inverters- Operation and design;  Number systems and their conversions.

Definition of PLC; PLC application in industries; Brief description about PLC; Block Diagram; Functional block diagram of PLC; Input & Output wiring; Signal flow diagrams; Internal structure of PLC; Different PLC Brands; PLC Driver Communication; Programming standards; Programming rules;  Different programming languages; NO-NC Concept.

Allen Bradley SLC 500

Introduction to controller Family; SLC 500 features; Details about CPUs; Memory Organisation; Program files and Data files; Architecture; Physical I/O addressing; Memory Instructions Addressing like Timer, Counters, Binary, Integers etc.; Hardware linking Using RSLinx; Protocols;

Programming concept using Ladder diagram, Basics of Ladder Programming (rung, rail, rules, New rung, Rung branch, XIC, XIO, OTE, OTL, OUT.), NO-NC concept, Logic Gates implementation; Basics of Counters, timers & comparators- Different operational blocks.

Siemens S7-300

Siemens Family controllers; Architecture Of Siemens Controllers; Physical I/O addressing; Hardware linking Using Simetic Manager; Programming concept using Ladder diagram; Basics of Ladder Programming;  TIMERS, COUNTERS, Comparators; Different operational blocks.


Introduction to FESTO & GE Family controllers;  Architecture; Physical I/O addressing; Hardware linking Using software; Different protocols; Basics of Ladder Programming; TIMERS, COUNTERS, Comparators; Different operational blocks.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Introduction and SCADA Basics; Importance of SCADA in Industrial Automation; Benefit of SCADA and DATA ACQUISTION; Architecture of SCADA (Open & Proprietary); Introduction to INTOUCH & RS-VIEW-32; TOOLBARS and WIZARDS; Dynamic graphical display; Alarms; Data base connectivity;  Report generation; Security.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Introduction Details of Human Machine Interface; HMI Basics; Difference between SCADA & HMI- HMI Screen development; Dashboard creation; Terminal setting, file transfer - tag declaration, tag type, screen type, control, screen, property - Entry, display, Drawing tools, Advance, Library- Designing of application.

Hardware Practice:

Fundamentals of electrical and electronic components required for electrical panel designing using PLC - Supply Systems, Conversion of 230 Vac to 24 V dc and vice-versa with circuit description, Basic concept of SMPS - Pushbuttons, toggle switches, Limit switch, proximity switch, optical switch, pressure switch; different Sensors; Basic description of RELAY, Practical uses of relay, Latching using relay, how to switch a 230Vac load using 24Vdc; CONTACTORS and auxiliary contacts, Holding(latching) circuit & interlocking with Aux contacts; Control & Power Circuit, Control Wiring with PLC; DOL Starter control wiring; Forward-Reverse Starter control; STAR-DELTA Starter control.

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Madhava Rao K

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He is working as  an Associate professor in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and is associated with Centurion university since 2011. He dis his Post graduate in High voltage engineering. He is having 15 years of experience in teaching & learning process. Area of Interest: Power systems and High voltage Engineering Youtube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yL5egmaRxUM